How You Can Get Good At Solving Seating Arrangement Reasoning?

When it comes to reasoning whether it is about seating or Number Series Reasoning, most students get confused and start having more stress. However, it is not all about getting anxious, but you need to make the right decisions indeed. You need to put your attention to learn how speedily and smartly you can solve it. Generally, students get confused when it comes to a seating arrangement. They find it the most confusing indeed comparing other questions.

What is all about the Seating Arrangement Reasoning? Most of you might not be aware of it. Well, it is quite simple. Talking about the seating arrangement, you will be asked to arrange a group of folk following the specific given conditions. The arrangement can truly be around a table, the table could have any random shape such as rectangular, square, pentagonal, or any other thing. It needs to be kept in mind that you are not allowed to assume anything easily.

There are two prominent types of Sitting Arrangement, which aspirants do in the Bank Exams. Talking about those important two types, they are Circle Sitting Arrangement Oriented and Linear Row Seating Arrangement.

What Are The Best Seating Arrangement Tips To Go With –

Here, we are going to share some of the amazing tips to benefit you while solving the questions.

  • First, you need to go ahead to have a glance at the provided information. You will truly be having an idea of the situation of the individuals.
  • Talking about the second step, it is all about picking the important information which is indeed “definite information” and do get it fixed in the place accordingly. A is having its seat on the second number of person B’s left side.
  • You must not pick any sort of negative information right in the first step. Here, it needs to mention that negative information is all about you cannot be sure about the provided information. However, you can have some idea in the context of eliminating a possibility. For example, A is not sitting on the immediate left of B. Or B is not opposite of E. 

Do Not Forget To Consider These 3 Things – 

And the most important thing is that you need to understand the meaning of Who and Adjacent while solving seating arrangements.

  • You need to keep in mind that two pieces of information are all about joining by a word called “And”. Here, you need to understand that information is actually in the context of the 1st individual indeed. For example – It is said that person A is on the third number towards the left side of individual B and on the 2nd place following person D’s right side. Here, you need to understand that person A is having its seat on person B’s left side following 3rd number and also person A is having its seat following the 2nd number to the right of person D. There are many students who completely get lost and do receive information as a – person’s A is having its seat following the third place of person B’s left side and individual B is having its seat on 2nd number person D’s right side, and it is wrong indeed.
  • The next on the list is about “WHO”. You need to keep in mind that if two important pieces of information are added by “WHO” then the available information is added after “who” is telling about the 2nd individual. For example, person A is available on the 3rd position of person B’a left side who is on 2nd position to the right of person D. It means individual A is following the third seat of person B’s left side and individual B is having its seat on the 2nd of person’s right side. Many students get confused here and do take information as A – A is having its seat on the third number of person B’s left side and individual A is having its seat on person D’s right side following the 2nd number which could be wrong.
  • The next of the list is all about Adjacent. It means available closely is not going to be the opposite. Person “A” and person “B” are closed which means these individuals are supposed to have a neighbor immediately.

Keeping these little but smart tips, you can go quite smart at solving these sitting questions. You need to get good at it since it can make you get good marks. Moreover, you will find yourself super extra and smart indeed.

Conclusion –

In the beginning, you might find these reasoning questions a bit tricky to solve. But going with these tricks can truly make it easy for you.

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