A Pact with the Sun Class 6 English Extra Questions and Answers

Extra Questions for Class 6 English Chapter 8 A Pact with the Sun is given in this article. The answers to these extra questions is prepared by our expert teachers as per the latest NCERT book and CBSE guidelines. Practicing these questions before the exam will help students to get excellent marks in the exam. Students can also download PDF of Class 6 English Chapter 8 A Pact with the Sun extra questions and answers from the links below.

Class 6 English Chapter 8 A Pact with the Sun Extra Questions

Below we have complied the Class 6 English Chapter 8 A Pact with the Sun extra questions with answers. These extra questions are divided into two parts. They are – short questions and long extra question. CBSE extra Questions for Class 6 English will help to score more marks in your CBSE Board Exams.

Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1. What was ‘the pact of the Sun’?

Answer: The small girl Saeeda made a pact with the Sun. Her mother was not well. She needed the warmth of the Sun and fresh air. So she requested the rays of the Sun to come the next day to cure her mother.

Question 2. How did the sunrays respond to Saeeda?

Answer: The sunrays granted Saeeda’s request. They promised to reach the Earth at the fixed hour the next morning.

Question 3. How did the sunrays keep their promise?

Answer: The pathway to the Earth was blocked by thick, dark clouds. The Sun warned the rays to keep clear of the dark clouds. But all the rays refused to obey their father’s command. They got through the clouds and thus kept their word to Saeeda.

Question 4. How did Saeeda’s mother recovered?

Answer: Saeeda’s mother felt the Sun on her face and she breathed in fresh air. She thought she was in a new world. Her eyes shone bright and she started recovering speedily.

Question 5. What did the physician ask Saeeda’s mother to do to get well? Did their advice help her? If not, why?

Answer: The physicians advised Saeeda’s mother not to take normal food, and to remain shut in a small dark room.

Question 6. What did Saeeda tell the sunrays to do?

Answer: Saeeda made a special request to the sunrays to help her mother get well. She asked them to come the next day with lots of warmth and brightness.

Question 7. How did Saeeda’s mother recover?

Answer: The sunrays agreed and also kept their word. They came down in large numbers and gave new life to Saeeda’s mother. In this way Saeeda’s pact with the sunrays helped her mother to recovered soon.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1. ‘Children can communicate with a secret language’. Elucidate.

Answer: Saeeda was listening to everything happening around her. She was worried but kept calm. She prayed to the departed rays of the Sun to come with warmth and brightness for well being of her mother. Her innocence and selfless love for her mother compelled the rays to fight with stubborn clouds. Thus her mother was recovered with her care.

Question 2. ‘The doctor advised her sunlight and normal diet’. Why the neighbors reacted differently?

Answer: When a person fall sick, he is confined to a room with closed windows. Normal diet is restricted. But these things worsen the condition of the sick person. The doctor prescribed medicine and asked to provide Saeeda’s mother proper sunlight in the morning for faster recovery. The people were dubious. They thought that her cold and cough won’t get cured if she is not tended in a closed room. While others supported doctor’s advice.

Question 3. The simplicity of a child is special for the heavens. Comment.

Answer: The blessings of heaven is showered upon those who are innocent. Their prayers are heard and heavenly bodies keep their promises as the ray defied the orders of her father and shooed away the bewildered clouds their way to Saeeda’s house. So a child has a power to communicate with .heaven and their prayer are often heard.

Question 4. What was the theme of the story?

Answer: The story tells us Saeeda’s mother was denied healthy food, sunshine and fresh air. She remained sick. But her daughter made a pact with the sunrays to warm up the ailing old woman. And the results were wonderful.
Thus, A pact with the sun is an educative story. It tells us that fresh air, and sunshine in the open are the key to sound health. Even the sick people need these two things. They must not be kept confined in dark room. They should get normal food.

Question 5. What did the specialist prescribe in addition to medicine?

Answer: The specialist prescribed in addition to medicine to shift to a bigger room with open doors and windows. He also asked her to sit one hour daily in the sunshine and to breath in fresh air.

Question 6. What was Saeeda’s concern about her mother?

Answer: Saeeda’s mother had been ailing for quite some time. No medicine proved effective. She was shut up in a small dark room. The cloudy weather continued for a few days. So, Saeeda, the little girl, made a request to the rays of the Sun to come down to the Earth and give warmth to the ailing woman.

Question 7. Why were the sunrays keen to go down to the Earth the next day?

Answer: The sunrays had promise to Saeeda that they would come the next day. They feared that if they failed to reach on time the people would call them liars.

Question 8. What is your own formula for keeping good health?

Answer: Health is wealth, so I get up early do some exercises and yoga. I eat breakfast including fruits and whole grain. Than I go to school. I play in the evening and after taking my dinner, I go to sleep. I firmly believe that early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.

Question 9. Who would you recommend to a patient in your neighbourhood the physicians contacted first or the specialist contacted next? Give reasons for your choice.

Answer: The condition of Saeeda’s mother worsened because she was not taken to a specialist. When he examined her, he gave his expert advise and thus she was cured. So I would suggest any patient of my neighbourhood to contact a specialist for fast recovery.

Question 10. When would you make a pact, with the sun? When you are going on a picnic, or when you are playing a cricket match? Think of other occasions.

Answer: I am very fond of playing outdoors games. Generally most of us are forced to stay indoor to avoid exhaustion and heat stroke. So I will pact with the sun to remain hidden in clouds so that we could play more often for long hours atleast on Sundays.