Fair Play Class 6 English Extra Questions and Answers

Extra Questions for Class 6 English Honeysuckle Chapter 7 Fair Play is given in this article. The answers to these extra questions is prepared by our expert teachers as per the latest NCERT book and CBSE guidelines. Practicing these questions before the exam will help students to get excellent marks in the exam. Students can also download PDF of Class 6 English Chapter 7 Fair Play extra questions and answers from the links below.

Class 6 English Chapter 7 Fair Play Extra Questions

Below we have complied the Class 6 English Chapter 7 Fair Play extra questions with answers. These extra questions are divided into two parts. They are – short questions and long extra question. CBSE extra Questions for Class 6 English will help to score more marks in your CBSE Board Exams.

Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1. How does the relationship between Algu and Jumman change time to time?

Answer: Once Algu and Jumman were friends. But they became enemies when Algu decided the case in favour of the old aunt. Jumman also got a chance to take revenge. But as head panch he also liked Algu, acted as fair and just. They became friends again.

Question 2. What was the problem faced by the Aunt?

Answer: Jumman got his aunt’s property transferred in his name. He promised to support her. But soon they grew tired of her. His wife insulted his aunt and gave her little food.

Question 3. What was Algu’s role in bestowing justice to the Aunt?

Answer: The old aunt presented her case before the village panchayat. She had faith in the honesty of Algu. So she nominated Algu as the head panch. Algu ignored his friendship with Jumman for the sake of truth and justice.

Question 4. Algu and Jumman family believed in justice. How?

Answer: Algu and Jumman belonged to two different religion. Yet both valued their friendship equally. Both had a clean conscience. Neither allowed his personal feeling to affect their love for truth and justice.

Question 5. What was the turning point in the friendship of Jumman and Algu?

Answer: Jumman and Algu were fast friends. They trusted each other blindly. Jumman had got the property of his old aunt. But after some years he began to ignore and started ill treating her aunt her. She demanded a monthly allowance or the return of her land. The panchayat was called to hear the case. Algu as the head panch decided the case in favour of the old aunt.

Question 6. What bring the two friends together?

Answer: When Algu announced his verdict in favour of Jumman’s aunt. Algu heard the voice of his conscience and justice. But Jumman waited for his turn to take revenge. He got that chance soon. Algu was being cheated by Sahu. Hence, a panchayat was held. Sahu named Jumman as head panch. But as soon as Jumman occupied that seat of responsibility. He too decided the case on facts and merit. His verdict was in favour of Algu. Their sense of judgments brought them together.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1. How is the position and responsibility change a person’s perspective?

Answer: In the story, the circumstances made both the friends head Panch, decision makers, in different times. When Algu became head Panch, he fulfilled the responsibility abided by aunt. However, he lost his friend Jumman. Where the tables turned and Jumman became head Panch, irrespective of ill feeling he had for Algu, Jumman gave a fair judgement. The Sense of responsibility conies with the post and position. One should be trustworthy without being biased. The fair decisions leave indelible mark on the minds. If one use his position unfairly, he could save his friendship but will loose his trust forever.

Question 2. How should we behave with elders in the society?

Answer: The elders need to be respected and looked after. They are always an asset for the family. They ask for attention and being busy, one may not look after them well. Even if one wants to spare time, he/ she may get irritated. Tolerance and attention is required by the old members of the family. They had spent years serving their family and are full of experience and wisdom. They can be a guiding source for the new generation.

Question 3. “Then the situation changed.” What is being referred to?

Answer: The situation being referred is Jumman’s behaviour towards his aunt. Earlier Jumman and his family’s behaviour was good towards his aunt but gradually they started insulting her. The situation in which Jumman’s aunt transferred her property to him.

Question 4. When Jumman’s aunt realised that she was not welcome in his house, what arrangement did she suggest?

Answer: When Jumman’s aunt realise that she was not welcomed in his house. She suggested that Jumman should give her a monthly allowance so that she could set up a separate kitchen.

Question 5. What was the villagers’ reaction when the aunt explained her case to them?

Answer: The old woman went to several villagers to explain her case and get their support. But some showed sympathy, and some laughed at her. A few advised her to make peace with Jumman and his wife.

Question 6. Why was Jumman happy over Algu’s nomination as head Panch?

Answer: Jumman was happy over Algu’s nomination as head Panch because Algu was his best friend so he would never go against him.

Question 7. “God lives in the heart of the Panch.” the aunt said. What did she mean?

Answer: “God lives in the heart of the Panch.” By this, Jumman’s aunt meant that a Panch was always impartial. A panch had neither a friend nor an enemy. Whatever justice he delivered, it was the justice delivered by God.

Question 8. What was Algu’s verdict as head Panch? How did Jumman take it?

Answer: Algu’s verdict as head Panch was that Jumman had to pay his aunt a monthly allowance, or else the property would go back to her. Jumman felt betrayed and became Algu’s enemy.

Question 9. Algu found himself in a tight spot. What was his problem?

Answer: One of Algu’s fine pair of bullocks died, and he sold the other to Samjhu Sahu on the understanding that Sahu would pay the price of the bullock in a month’s time. The bullock died within a month and Sahu refused to pay Algu.

Question 10. Why was Algu upset over Jumman’s nomination as head Panch.

Answer: Algu was upset because Jumman was already annoyed with him. So he thought Jumman would take his revenge.

Question 11. What was Jumman’s verdict as head Panch? How did Algu take it?

Answer: Jumman’s verdict was that Sahu should pay Algu the price of the bullock. He said that Algu could not be blamed for the bullock’s death. Algu was delighted. He could not contain himself and cried, “Victory to the Panchayat. This is justice. God lives in the voice of the Panch.

Question 12. Which of the following sums up the story best?
(i) “I also know that you will not kill your conscience for the sake of friendship.”
(ii) Let no one deviate from the path of justice and truth for friendship or enmity.”
(iii) The voice qf the Panch is the voice of God.”
Give a reason for your choice.

Answer: (ii) Let no one deviate from the path of justice and truth for friendship or enmity.” This sentence sums up the story best because both Algu and Jumman gave verdict without keeping any friendship nor enmity.