The Monkey and the Crocodile Class 6 English Extra Questions and Answers

Extra Questions for Class 6 English Chapter 6 The Monkey and the Crocodile is given in this article. The answers to these extra questions is prepared by our expert teachers as per the latest NCERT book and CBSE guidelines. Practicing these questions before the exam will help students to get excellent marks in the exam. Students can also download PDF of Class 6 English Chapter 6 The Monkey and the Crocodile extra questions and answers from the links below.

Class 6 English Chapter 6 The Monkey and the Crocodile Extra Questions

Below we have complied the Class 6 English Chapter 6 The Monkey and the Crocodile extra questions with answers. These extra questions are divided into two parts. They are – short questions and long extra question. CBSE extra Questions for Class 6 English will help to score more marks in your CBSE Board Exams.

Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1. Why had the monkey welcomed the crocodile?

Answer: The monkey was happy to have a friend. He welcomed the crocodile because he had plenty of sweet fruits to eat. Earlier he had no friend to talk to and share the fruits with.

Question 2. How did the monkey and the crocodile become good friends?

Answer: The monkey and the crocodile were lonely, secondly the monkey had lots of tasty fruits to give to the crocodile.

Question 3. What was the plan pf crocodile’s wife?

Answer: The crocodile’s wife was annoyed with him for spending a lot of time with the monkey. She was fed up with managing the young ones alone. So she planned to get rid of the monkey once for all.

Question 4. Whom did the crocodile choose to betray?

Answer: The crocodile loved his wife. He was also very fond of his friend, the monkey. He, finally decided to betray his friend and please his life partner.

Question 5. How was the monkey taken to crocodile’s home?

Answer: The monkey readily agreed to go with his friend. But he was not a swimmer. He rode on the crocodile’s back. And they set out.

Question 6. ‘The monkey was scared and depressed’. Why?

Answer: The monkey realised the danger to his life. He could not jump into the river as he could not swim. The thought of his sure death made him sad and seared.

Question 7. What did the monkey do as he reached the tree?

Answer: The clever monkey climbed the tree. He offered some fruit to his friend. He declared that they won’t meet again.

Question 8. The monkey was happy living in the fruit tree, but his happiness was not complete. What did he miss?

Answer: The monkey was happy in his fruit tree home. He had plenty to eat, but he had no company. He felt lonely. He needed a companion to talk to and also to share his fruits.

Question 9. What did the two friends generally talk about?

Answer: The two friends talked about birds, animals, nearby villages and villager’s difficulties.

Question 10. Why was the crocodile’s wife annoyed with her husband one day?

Answer: The crocodile’s wife was annoyed of waiting for the crocodile to come home and in managing the little crocodiles that had just been hatched.

Question 11. Why was the crocodile unwilling to invite his friend home?

Answer: The crocodile’s wife desired to eat heart of the monkey. She ordered him to bring the monkey. He could* not betray his friend. Therefore, he was unwilling to invite his friend (the monkey) home.

Question 12. What did the crocodile tell the monkey midstream?

Answer: The crocodile told the monkey that his wife wanted to eat his heart.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1. ‘The monkey was nice and clever’. How?

Answer: The crocodile was a good friend of the monkey who gave him lot of fruits for him as well as for his wife. One day the crocodile returned home late. The wife was annoyed. She wanted him to break up with his friend. So she wished to eat the monkey’s heart. The crocodile carried his friend on his back. In midstream he disclosed his wife’s plan. The monkey was clever enough to save his life. He said he had left his heart behind on the tree. As the two came back to the tree, the monkey climbed up.

Question 2. How did the monkey save himself?

Answer: The monkey was very clever. He told crocodile that he would gladly give away his heart to his friend’s wife, but he forgot his heart on the tree. He asked the crocodile to swim back to bring the heart from there. The crocodile could not understand monkey’s plan he swam back up to the tree. The monkey jumped on a branch and saved himself.

Question 3. What does the last sentence of the story suggest? What would the crocodile tell his wife?

Answer: The last sentence of the story suggests that the crocodile had learnt a lesson. He realised that he had lost a good friend because of his wife’s stupid desire. So it seems that the crocodile would rebuke his wife for her greed.

Question 4. What do you learn from the lesson about friendship?

Answer: Friendship grows among individual for their common interests and mutual respect. The bond grows if they sincerely make an effort to make it successful. However, if anyone of them betrays then his act is unforgivable, the bond is snapped. It can’t be taken any further. Monkey welcomed the crocodile to be his friend. But he was stabbed at the back. However, he managed to save his life.

Question 5. ‘The trust and faith is the foundation stone of friendship’. Justify your answer.

Answer: The monkey was living on a tree. To avoid the loneliness of the monkey, crocodile was happily invited by him. He was offered fruits and they spent time together. But when his wife wanted to eat the monkey, the crocodile could not defy the wish of his wife. He broke the trust of his friend. However, the monkey was clever and came out of the situation.

The bond could have been saved. The fact is that the crocodile could have convinced his wife and his friendship would have gone further. He could have enjoyed fruits for a longer time period. So when the crocodile lost faith and trust of his Mend, he lost his Mend forever.