The Wonder Called Sleep Class 6 English Extra Questions and Answers

Extra Questions for Class 6 English Chapter 7 The Wonder Called Sleep is given in this article. The answers to these extra questions is prepared by our expert teachers as per the latest NCERT book and CBSE guidelines. Practicing these questions before the exam will help students to get excellent marks in the exam. Students can also download PDF of Class 6 English Chapter 7 The Wonder Called Sleep extra questions and answers from the links below.

Class 6 English Chapter 7 The Wonder Called Sleep Extra Questions

Below we have complied the Class 6 English Chapter 7 The Wonder Called Sleep extra questions with answers. These extra questions are divided into two parts. They are – short questions and long extra question. CBSE extra Questions for Class 6 English will help to score more marks in your CBSE Board Exams.

Short Answer Type Questions

Question 1. What is sleep? Why is it necessary to enjoy sound sleep?

Answer: Sleep is a state of rest. Sleep gives rest to our tired body. After a good sleep we feel fresh, alert and active.

Question 2. What happens to our body when we are asleep?

Answer: Our body starts relaxing. Our muscles relax and our body temperatures falls. Our heartbeat becomes slower. The ever-active brain also slows down.

Question 3. What is a dream?

Answer: Dream is an activity of the mind that takes place only when we are asleep. It helps in having sound sleep.

Question 4. Why we tend to forget dreams?

Answer: Some dreams are probable. It means that many of the things that happen in dreams could happen when we are awake. But other dreams are improbable.

Question 5. What is a myth about dreams?

Answer: The myth about dreams is that it tell the future.

Question 6. What have certain doctors found about dreams?

Answer: Certain doctors think that our dreams can provide a key to the solution of problems.

Question 7. Why does the author call sleep a wonder?

Answer: The body and brain recover from weariness after a good sleep. Sleep is a state of rest. When we wake up, we feel fresh. We also become alert and ready for the normal activities of the day.

Question 8. Why having a dream is significant?

Answer: Dreams are important because they help us to sleep even through noise. Some doctors say that one’s dreams can suggest solutions to one’s problem or tell the future.

Long Answer Type Questions

Question 1. ‘Nature is a great healer’ Elaborate.

Answer: When one sleeps, he relaxes his body and mind. To rejuvenate, sleep plays a major role. Everything in nature happens for a cause. If everything happens naturally it is understood properly, lot of issues and problem will be settled automatically. Thus, nature is a teacher and a great healer.

Question 2. ‘The lullaby of grandmother helps in deep sleep’. How does it helps in personality development?

Answer: Sleep relaxes body and muscle. Lullaby’s of mother and grandmother comforts a child with music to the extent they goes into sleep. Children who listen to the lullaby’s have stronger personalities. The discipline and virtue of respect in relationships grows with time in these children.

Question 3. What is the most obvious advantage of sleep?

Answer: The most obvious advantage of sleep is that it gives rest to our tired body. After a good sleep we become alert and active again for the day’s work.

Question 4. What happens to our body when we sleep?

  • Our muscles, relax.
  • Our heart beat become slower.
  • Our temperature and blood pressure go down.
  • The activity of the brain slows down.

Question 5. Why has sleep been called a wonder?

Answer: Sleep recovers us from fatigue. It refreshes us from the day’s work. Dreams which we see in sleep help us in many ways.