A Strange Wrestling Match Class 6 English Important Questions and Answers

Important Questions for Class 6 English Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match is given in this article. The answers to these important questions is prepared by our expert teachers as per the latest NCERT book and CBSE guidelines. Practicing these questions before the exam will help students to get excellent marks in the exam. Students can also download PDF of Class 6 English Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match important questions and answers from the links below.

Class 6 English Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match Important Questions

Below we have complied the Class 6 English Chapter 10 A Strange Wrestling Match important questions with answers. These important questions are divided into two parts. They are – short questions and long important question. CBSE important Questions for Class 6 English will help to score more marks in your CBSE Board Exams.

Short Answer Type Questions

1. Who was Vijay Singh? What did he look like?
Answer: Vijay Singh was a famous wrestler. He was unbeatable. He had big shoulders and strong arms. He was so tall that he looked like a giant.

2. This pahalwan had but one shortcoming. What was that?
Answer: Vijay Singh’s one shortcoming was his habit of boasting. He wished to fight with a ghost and teach him a lesson.

3. How did Vijay Singh feel when he was told to go to the Haunted Deserts?
Answer: Vijay Singh was frightened when he was asked to go to the Haunted Deserts. His heart missed a beat or two at the thought of fighting with a ghost.

4. Who really helped Vijay Singh in defeating the ghost? How?
Answer: An old woman really helped Vijay Singh against the ghost. She gave him a packet containing a piece of salt and an egg. These two things helped him befool the ghost.

5. Quote words that Vijay Singh uses to insult and demoralise the ghost.
Answer: A plain, lying ghost, stupid ghost, a worthless ghost, a rascal of a ghost.

6. What did Vijay Singh do with an egg?
Answer: Vijay Singh pressed an egg and broke it. The crackling sound gave the impression of rock being broken and yellow of an egg oozed from around his fingers.

7. What did Vijay Singh do with lump of stone?
Answer: He let the stone fell down and crumbled the lump of salt and ordered the ghost to taste the powder.

8. What did Vijay Singh say before accepting the ghost’s offer?
Answer: Vijay Singh said that he could accept his offer only on the condition that the next day he had to accompany him to his village as a token of victory.

9. What did Vijay Singh do in the night?
Answer: Vijay Singh laid awake the whole night listening to the snores of the ghost.

10. What did he do to befool the ghost?
Answer: He slipped off his bed and placed bolsters instead in the centre of the bed and covered with coverlet to make it look exactly like a sleeping man.

11. What did Vijay Singh do with the property?
Answer: Vijay Singh carried all the property on the camel’s back. He returned much of it to the rightful owner.

12. Where was the haunted desert?
Answer: The Haunted Desert was ten miles to the west on the road to Jaisalmer. The landmark was an ugly black rock in the shape of a camel’s head. Beyond that began the Haunted Desert.

13. Why was the ghost ‘taken aback’ and ‘speechless’?

Answer: Vijay Singh declared the ghost as a plain, liar, ‘worthless’ ghost. The ghost was not used to insults and so he was ‘taken aback’. The ghost was ‘speechless’ because Vijay Singh said that he wanted to fight a ghost as he was tired of wrestling with men.

14. Why was the ghost beginning to doubt his ghostly powers?

Answer: Vijay Singh took another piece of rock and gave it to the ghost saying that it contained salt. He challenged him to crush it. The ghost tried hard but failed again. The ghost now doubted his ghostly powers.

15. Why did Vijay Singh want to take the ghost as a prisoner to his village?

Answer: Vijay Singh wanted to take the ghost as a prisoner to his village because he wanted to show the people that he has returned victorious after capturing the ghost.

16. How did Vijay Singh dupe the ghost in his cave and save his life?

Answer: When the ghost was fast asleep, Vijay Singh placed a bolster in the bed and covered it and he himself quietly sat in a corner. Just before dawn the ghost got up and struck the bolster hard with a mace thinking it to be Vijay Singh. Thus, Vijay Singh saved himself with his wit and wisdom.

Long Answer Type Questions

1. In what respect was the wrestling match strange? Who were the two ri­vals? Who was the winner?

Answer: The wrestling match was strange because it was a light between a man and a ghost. The wrestler Vijay Singh had one weakness. He was boastful of his strength. This pushed onto an awkward situation. He accepted the challenge to fight a ghost in a haunted desert. The two gifts given by an old woman proved veiy useful. One was an egg and the other a lump of salt. It was in fact a trial of wit and wisdom. Finally Vijay Singh won the match and returned home with lots of gold.

2. Give a character sketch of Vijay Singh. How did he outwit the ghost?

Answer: Vijay Singh was a famous wrestler. He was boastful of his physical strength. He declared that he was unbeatable. His tall claim pushed him into trouble. He was challenged to fight a ghost. He went through the Haunted Desert. He carried a small packet containing an egg and a piece of salt. He used them wisely to befool and frighten the ghost. He crushed easily the lump of salt and cracked the egg. As it was dark, the ghost couldn’t understand Vijay’s trick and accepted his defeat. Thus Vijay won the match by cheating and his su­perior wit.

3. How did the old woman’s little gifts help Vijay Singh in vanquishing the ghost?

Answer:  Vijay Singh was a born and unbeatable wrestler. But his one great weakness 1 was his boastfulness. Once he was called upon to prove his power and fear­lessness. He went through a haunted desert to fight the ghost. An old woman’s gift of an egg and a piece of salt helped him befool and outwit the ghost. He squeezed the egg as well as the salt to prove his prowess. In the ghost’s cot­tage too he acted wisely and saved his life.

4. How did Vijay Singh outwit the ghost with his wit and wisdom?

Answer:  Vijay Singh made good use of the old woman’s gift—an egg and a lump of salt. He challenged the ghost to squeeze a piece of rock. The ghost failed to do that. Vijay Singh took out the egg from his pocket and squeezed it easily. The ghost was non-plussed and he accepted defeat. Vijay Singh then threw another chal­lenge. He gave another piece of rock to the ghost to crush. The ghost failed to crush the rock. Vijay Singh took out the piece of salt from his pocket and cashed it easily. The ghost felt demoralised and again accepted his defeat.

5. How did the ghost make a plan to trick Vijay Singh finally?

Answer: The ghost invited Vijay Singh to his cave. He vowed silently to kill the wres­tler. He offered Vijay Singh a comfortable bed to sleep on. Vijay Singh saw through the ghost’s trick. He lay awake and at mid night, he slipped off his bed. He put a bolster in his place on the bed. Early next morning the ghost hit the bolster with his club. He took his enemy for dead. But. Vijay Singh faced the ghost who panicked. He fled from the cave leaving behind all his wealth for Vijay Singh.

6. Write a character sketch of Vijay Singh. Do you think he defeated the ghost with his intelligence?

Answer: Vijay Singh was a strong wrestler with massive shoulders and muscular arms. He could beat all other wrestlers in the world. But he was fond of boasting of himself, which often landed him in trouble. He used to boast his strength from time to time. He was intelligent enough and defeated the ghost with his cleverness. He used the gift given by an old lady to befool the ghost. The ghost could not crush pieces of rocks but Vijay Singh, taking advantage of the darkness crushed an egg and the lump of salt. But the ghost was confused and thought he had crushed rocks. Vijay Singh was not a greedy person at all, so he returned much of the acquired wealth to the rightful owners. He married the old woman’s grand-daughter to reward the old lady and thanked her for the invaluable gift. Vijay Singh was not only strong and tall man, but wise as well.

7. Vijay Singh learnt a lot from the incident of meeting a ghost. How?

Answer: Vijay Singh was a strong and righteous man. He became more careful about boasting himself after he landed in a big trouble to encounter a ghost in the Haunted Desert. Undoubtedly, he managed to defeat the ghost through various tricks but he understood that he should speak carefully and avoid boasting. He also learnt not to trust anyone blindly after he saw that the ghost had plans to kill him. He believed the ghost and came to his cave but the ghost tried to cheat him. It was his cleverness that he not only- survived but defeated the ghost. He also came to know the reason behind the old woman’s weird gift. She actually helped Vijay Singh to defeat the ghost as she wished. He thanked her after returning to her home, for her kindness.