The Kite Class 6 English Important Questions and Answers

Important Questions for Class 6 English Poem The Kite is given in this article. The answers to these important questions is prepared by our expert teachers as per the latest NCERT book and CBSE guidelines. Practicing these questions before the exam will help students to get excellent marks in the exam. Students can also download PDF of Class 6 English Poem The Kite important questions and answers from the links below.

Class 6 English Poem The Kite Important Questions

Below we have complied the Class 6 English Poem The Kite important questions with answers. These important questions are divided into two parts. They are – short questions and long important question. CBSE important Questions for Class 6 English will help to score more marks in your CBSE Board Exams.

1. What happens to the thread when it gets loose?

Answer: When the thread gets loose, the master of the kite who controls it, rolls it back.

2. How does the kite look when it flies in the sky?

Answer: The kite looks bright in the clear blue sky when it flies.

3. When does the kite lose its beauty?

Answer: The Kite loses its shining and beauty when it gets caught in the branches of a tree and becomes unable to be free from there.

4. What is the time for the kite to take rest?

Answer: The time for the kite to take rest is when the wind falls. At that time, it waits for the wind to blow so that it can fly again in the sky.

5. What are the upward movements of a kite?

Answer: The upward movements of a kite are very impressive as a new kite looks very bright in the blue sky. The kite jumps in the air and moves up in the sky. It soars high like a ship in the air, it moves upward in the air as a ship rides on the strong waves of the sea. It shakes its tail with a noise.

6. What is the similarity between the kite and the ship?

Answer: When there are waves in the sea, the ship bobs up and down with the waves. It appears to ride high or seems to dive down when the waves break. Similarly the kite rises high in the sky when its wings are filled with air, but as the speed of the wind becomes slow, it takes a dip and seems to rest.

7. What happens if the kite gets caught in the branch of a tree?

Answer: When the kite comes down too low, its string gets caught in the branches of a tree and the bright and beautiful new kite turns into a tattered and torn piece.