NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Chapter 2 The Friendly Mongoose

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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English A Pact with the Sun Chapter 2

Question 1. Why did the farmer bring a baby mongoose into the house?

Answer: The farmer had a small son. He wanted to have a pet to give company to his child. So, he brought home a baby mongoose to play with the child.

Question 2. Why didn’t the farmer’s wife want to leave the baby alone with the mongoose?

Answer: The farmer’s wife did not want to leave the baby alone with the mongoose because she was scared that the mongoose might harm her child.

Question 3. What was the farmer’s comment on his wife’s fears?

Answer: The farmer assured his wife that the mongoose was a friendly animal and it won’t hurt their baby. The farmer also said that the mongoose was as sweet as their baby and they were best friends.

Question 4. Why did the farmer’s wife strike the mongoose with her basket?

Answer: When the farmer’s wife reached home with her basket, she saw the mongoose at the door with his face and paws covered with blood. She thought that the mongoose had killed her baby. In the anger, she hit the mongoose with her heavy basket.

Question 5. Did she repent her hasty action? How does she show her repentance?

Answer: Yes, she repented her hasty action when she realized that the mongoose had actually saved her son from a snake. She ran out looking for the mongoose but it was already dead. She sobbed and felt extremely sorry for her hasty action.



Question 1. Why did the farmer think of having a pet?

Answer: The farmer loved his only son very much. He wanted the boy to have a companion when he grew up. So he decided to bring home a pet to give his son company.

Question 2. What is in general, the relationship between a mongoose and a snake?

Answer: The two are sworn enemies.

Question 3. How did the mongoose prove his friendly nature?

Answer: The mongoose saved the life of the farmer’s son from a deadly cobra. He killed the snake. He sacrificed his life. He was killed by the farmer’s wife due to misunderstanding.

Question 4. What was customary for the mongoose?

Answer: The mongoose used to ran to the door to welcome the farmer’s wife when she returned home. He sat outside the house waiting for her. It was customary.

Question 5. What made the farmer’s wife blind with rage?

Answer: The sight of blood on the face and paws of the mongoose made the farmer’s wife mad with anger. She took for granted that the mongoose had killed her son.

Question 6. What did the farmer’s wife regret?

Answer: She regretted and repented her hasty action. But it was all too late.


Question 1.  How did the mongoose oblige its master? What was the reward of his ser​vice?

Answer: A farmer lived in a village with his wife and a small son. In order to give company to the child, the farmer brought with him a small mongoose. It became a good friend of the infant. One day the mother went to the market. The child was left in the company of the mongoose. A snake was going to bite the baby. But the mongoose killed it. The mother after she came back home saw blood on the animal’s face. In anger she killed the mongoose. Soon after she discovered how the mongoose had saved the child’s life. She wept bitterly.

Question 2. What made the farmer’s wife first kill the mongoose and then repent soon after?

Answer: The farmer’s wife had gone to the market. She left the baby to the care of her pet, the friendly mongoose. She came back home and saw blood on the face of the pet. Blind with anger, she killed the mongoose. Soon she discovered that her baby was all right: the mongoose had killed a snake. And thus saved the baby’s life. She repented and wept. But it was too late.

The Friendly Mongoose Class 6 English NCERT Questions and Answers

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