NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Poem The Quarrel

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Class 6 English Chapter 3 Poem The Quarrel Question Answer

Working with Poem

Question 1:  With your partner try to guess the meaning of underlined phrases.
(i) And somehow we fell out.
(ii) The afternoon turned black.

Answer. (i) fell out – quarrelled or argued.

(ii) turned black – was spoiled or wasted due to bad or tensed mood.

Question 2:  Read these lines from the poem:

(i) One thing led to another
(ii) The start of it was slight
(iii) The end of it was strong
(iv) The afternoon turned black
(v) Thumped me on the back

Discuss with your partner what these lines mean.

Answer: (i) During the argument, one thing led to another.

(ii) The start and cause of the quarrel was petty and small.

(iii) The quarrel ended on a sour note which had a long lasting effect.

(iv) The quarrel spoiled the mood of the quarrelling persons and the afternoon became intolerably sad.

(v) Patted on the back in an amiable manner.

Question 3: Describe a recent quarrel that you have had with your brother, sister or friend. How did it start? What did you quarrel about? How did it end?

Answer: Somesh is my best friend. But one day our relationship turned sour suddenly. He did not come to my birthday party. I lost temper, so did he. He remained tense and unhappy for a couple of days. Both of us were eager to patch up. And we did it in a dramatic manner. We came face to face in the school tuck shop. We shook hands, felt sorry and promised to renew our friendship as earlier.

(Note: Students can attempt this question as per their personal experience)

The Quarrel Class 6 English NCERT Questions and Answers

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