NCERT Solutions for Class 6 English Poem Where Do All The Teachers Go

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Class 6 English Chapter 5 Poem Where Do All The Teachers Go Question Answer

Working with the Poem

Question 1: Answer these questions.

(i) Why does the poet want to know where the teachers go at four o’clock?

Answer: The poet thinks that his teachers are not ordinary persons. He looks upon them as super or special human beings. So he wants to know where they go and what they do after the school hours.

(ii) What are the things normal people do that the poet talks about?

Answer: According to the poet, normal people live in houses, freshen up after returning home, wear pyjamas, wash their clothes, watch TV, live with their parents, make mistakes, lose books, get punished, scribble on their desks, wear old dirty jeans and linen, etc.

(iii) What does he imagine about
(a) where teachers live?
(b) what they do at home?
(c) the people with whom they live?
(d) their activities when they were children in school?

Answer: (a) He imagines that his teachers live in houses along with their families.

(b) They wash their socks, wear pyjamas at home, pick on their noses and even watch TV.

(c) They live with their parents and other family members.

(d) they were also bad, made mistakes, never spelled right, and were punished in the corner for pinching the chocolate flakes. They ever lost their hymn books, scribbled on the desk tops, or wore old dirty jeans.

(iv) Why does the poet wonder if teachers also do things that other people do?

Answer: The poet wondered if teachers also do things that other people do because he had seen them as super humans. They are strict, did not make any mistakes and punish those who did.

(v) How does the poet plan to find out? What will he do once he finds out?

Answer: The poet plans to follow one of the teachers on the way back home that day to find out what they did. Once he succeeds in doing do, he would compose it into a poem, which then those teachers would read to their students.

Question 2: What do you think these phrases from the poem mean?
(i) punished in the corner
(ii) leave their greens

Answer: (i) punished in the corner: This phrase means getting caught for a misdeed in class and made to stand in the corner of the classroom as a punishment.

(ii) leave their greens: This phrase means to leave the green playground when the bell strikes loudly for the next class to begin.

Where Do All The Teachers Go Class 6 English NCERT Questions and Answers

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