NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Civics Chapter 7 Urban Administration

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NCERT Solutions for Class 6 Social Science Civics Chapter 7

Question 1: Why did the children go to Yasmin Khala’s house?

Answer: The children broke the street light while playing cricket. They wanted to replace it but did not know the procedure for this. Hence, Rehana suggested the children to visit Yasmin Khala’s house to understand the procedures for replacing the light. Yasmin Khala had just retired from the Municipal Corporation.

Question 2: List four ways in which the work of the Municipal Corporation affects the life of a city dweller.

Answer: The four ways in which the work of the Municipal Corporation affects the life of a city-dweller are mentioned below:

  • Disposal of garbage.
  • Supply of Electricity.
  • Supply of drinking water.
  • Maintenance of drainage system.
  • Construction and maintenance of roads, parks, street lights etc.

Question 3: Who is a Municipal Councillor?

Answer:  A Municipal Councillor is an elected member of committee of Municipal Corporation.


A Municipal Councillor is an elected representative of a ward. He is responsible for the proper administration of his ward and resolve the issues by placing the demands of the people of his ward before the entire council. The complicated decisions that affect the entire city are taken by groups of councillors who form committees to decide and debate issues.

Question 4: What did Gangabai do and why?

Answer: Gangabai gathered some women and went to the Ward Councillor shouting some slogans describing the condition of the street. She did that as there was garbage here and there all over the street and this was attracting mosquitoes, flies, dogs and rats in the locality.

Question 5: How does the Municipal Corporation earn the money to do its work?

Answer: The Municipal Corporation earns money in the form of different taxes:

  • House tax
  • Education tax
  • Hotel or shop tax
  • Movie tax

Question 6: Discuss In the two photographs you see different ways of collecting and disposing garbage.

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i) Which way do you think provides safety to the person disposing garbage?

ii) What are the dangers of collecting garbage in the manner shown in the first photograph?

iii) Why do you think that proper ways of disposing garbage are not available to those who work in municipalities?

Answer: (i) In the 2nd photo the way of disposing garbage is better.

(ii) The persons collecting garbage in the first photo may get infected or may fall ill.

(iii) (a) Lack of funds
(b) Careless behavior of the officials

Question 7: Several poor people in the city work as domestic servants as well as work for the Corporation, keeping the city clean. Yet the slums in which they live are quite filthy. This is because these slums seldom have any water and sanitation facilities. The reason often given by the Municipal Corporation is that the land in which the poor have

set up their homes does not belong to them and that slum-dwellers do not pay taxes. However, people living in middle class neighbourhoods pay very little in taxes compared to the amount of money the corporation spends on them in setting up parks, street lighting facilities, regular garbage collection etc. Also as you read in this

chapter, the property taxes collected by the Municipality makes up only 25-30 per cent of its money. Why do you think it is important that the Corporation should spend more money on slum localities? Why is it important that the Municipal Corporation provide the poor in the city with the same facilities that the rich get?

Answer: The Municipal Corporation should spend more money on slum localities because most of the people who work hard to keep our cities clean live in these places. Therefore, they should be provided with the same facilities as accessed by the people living in the city. They should be given education, sanitation, rehabilitation and other facilities for their betterment.

The Indian constitution guarantees equality and justice for all. If the Corporation do not provide them equal facilities then it will be considered a clear case of discrimination on the basis of economic status. Therefore, the problem of unequal living conditions needs to be addressed.

Extra Questions

Very Short Answer Type Questions

1: Who was Yasmin Khala?
Answer: Yasmin Khala was a Municipal Corporation employee.

2. What had children done to the street light?
Answer: They had broken the streetlight while playing.

3. What did children want to know?
Answer: They wanted to know who did the lights on the streets belong to.

4. Whose duty is it to replace the streetlights?
Answer: It is the duty of the Municipal Corporation of the city to replace the streetlights.

5. Who takes decisions like where a park or a new hospital should go?
Answer: The Ward Councillors usually takes such decisions.

6. What is the difference between the ward Commissioner and the ward Councillors?
Answer: The Commissioner is the body elected by the councillors while the Councillors are elected by the general voters of the world.

7. What is a tax?  [V. Imp.]
Answer: A tax is a sum of money that people pay to the government for the services the government provides.

8. What types of taxes people have to pay?
Answer: People have to pay property tax on their homes as well as taxes for water and other services.

9. Name two departments of the Municipal Corporation. [Imp.]
Answer: Water department and garbage collection department,

10. What did the Commissioner advise Gangabai?
Answer: The Commissioner advised Gangabai to get a petition signed by all the adults in the locality saying that garbage was not being collected.

11. How can common people keep their streets clean?
Answer: They can do this by keeping dustbin/dustbins at home.

Short Answer Type Questions

1. How are complicated decisions taken? Explain with examples. [V. Imp.]

Answer: (Complicated decisions usually affect the entire city and therefore these decisions are taken by groups of Councillors who form committees to decide and debate issues. For example, if bus stands need to be improved or a crowded market place needs to have its garbage cleared more regularly, etc.

2. Write a short note on the topic ‘Sub-contracting’. [Imp.]

Answer: In recent times, in order to save money the Commissioners of several municipalities across the country had hired private contractors to collect and process garbage. This is known as Sub-Contracting. This means that the work that was earlier being done by government workers is now being done by a private company or agency. These contract workers get low salary and their jobs are temporary.

Long Answer Type Questions

1. Explain the Junctions of the Ward Councillor and the Administrative staff.

Answer: The Ward Councillors are elected members. They are responsible for the welfare of the people of their wards. They listen their problems and get them solved. Sometimes, they have to take complicated decisions that affect the entire city. At such moments, groups of councillors who form committees gather together to decide and debate issues. While the Councillor’s Committees and the councillors decide on issues, the Commissioner and the administrative staff implement these decisions.

All of the Ward Councillors meet and they make a budget and the money is spent according to this. The Ward Councillors try and ensure that the particular demands of their wards are placed before the entire council. These decisions are then implemented by the administrative staff.

Class 6 Civics Chapter 7 NCERT Questions and Answers

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