Golu Grows A Nose Class 7 Extra Questions & Answers

Golu Grows A Nose Class 7 Extra Questions & Answers are available here. Class 7 English Golu Grows A Nose extra questions and answers are prepared by our expert teachers. All these questions are divided into two or three sections. They are short type questions answers, long type question answers and extract based questions. Learning these questions will help you to score excellent marks in the exams.

Golu Grows A Nose Extra Questions and Answers

Short Answer Type Questions

1. Who had a bulgy nose?

Answer: Golu had a bulgy nose as big as a boot.

2. What did Golu ask from Mynah?

Answer: Golu asked mynah about crocodile’s food.

3. Where did mynah suggest him to go?

Answer: Mynah suggested Golu to go to the banks of the great, grassy Limpopo River.

4. What did Golu take along?

Answer: Golu took away a hundred sugar canes, fifty dozen bananas and twenty-five melons as food.

5. How did Golu help the python?

Answer: Golu helped the python to coil around the branch of a tree.

6. How long did it take for Golu to reach the Limpopo River?

Answer: It took a few days-for Golu to reach the Limpopo River.

7. What did crocodile do assure Golu of his being crocodile?

Answer: The crocodile winked at first and later shed tears to assure Golu of his being a crocodile.

8. How did the crocodile reply to Golu about his dinner?

Answer: The crocodile caught hold of Golu’s nose when he asked about his dinner.

9. How did the python rescued Golu?

Answer: The python coiled himself round Golu’s stomach and asked him to pull himself from clutches of the crocodile.

10. How long was Golu’s nose after being pulled?

Answer: Golu’s nose was five feet long after being pulled.

11. What did Golu do to cool his nose?

Answer: Golu wrapped up his elongated nose in a big banana leaf and hung it in the great, grassy Limpopo River to cool.

12. What was ‘advantage number one’?

Answer: Golu hit the fly with his elongated nose which was disturbing him. Then python reacted by saying it to be his advantage number one.

13. What were the benefits of having of long trunk?

Answer: Golu could eat better and could throw mud at his opponent easily with his long trunk.

14. Whom does Golu ask, “Why don’t you ever fly like other birds”?

Answer: Golu asked his tall aunt, the ostrich that ‘Why don’t you ever fly like other birds?”

15. Which uncle of Golu had red eyes?

Answer: Golu’s huge uncle hippopotamus had red eyes.

16. Who advised Golu to go to the Limpopo River?

Answer: The mynah advised Golu to go to the Limpopo River.

17. Why did Golu go to the river?

Answer: Golu went to the river to know what the crocodile had for his dinner.

18. The crocodile lay on the bank of the Limpopo River. Golu thought it was:
(i) a living crocodile.
(ii) a dead crocodile.
(iii) a log of wood.

Answer: Golu thought it was a log of wood.

19. What did the crocodile do to show that it was a real crocodile?

Answer: The crocodile shed its false tears to show that it was a real one.

20. “Come here, little one, and I’ll whisper the answer to you”. The crocodile said this because
(i) he couldn’t stand up.
(ii) he wanted to eat Golu.
(iii) Golu was deaf.

Answer: (ii) He wanted to eat Golu.

21. Who helped Golu on the bank of the river?

Answer: The python helped Golu on the bank of the river.

22. Golu’s realtives did not answer his questions because
(i) they were shy.
(ii) the questions were too difficult.
(iii) Golu was a naughty boy.

Answer: (ii) The questions were too difficult.

Long Answer Type Questions

1. ‘Co-existence and universal brotherhood can be learnt from the animals’. Comment in the. light of the lesson.

Answer: Life on earth is always inter-dependent. Co-existence and interdependence bring together various specious. Python was helped by the baby elephant that in turn saved his life from deadly beast, the crocodile. He also talked about the utility of his trunk. Thus he was helped in understanding himself by none other than a python who was unknown to him earlier. Golu was grateful to him.

2. ‘Evolving is the natural phenomenon’ for the benefit for life on earth. Elucidate.

Answer: The story talks about evolving of elephant’s trunk from a bulgy nose. This ignites curious and inquisitive minds of the reader. They might start associating evolution of human and other lives on earth. Thus these fictitious bring idea for better understanding to the young minds. They may start research at early age and may prove to be asset for the humanity in large.

3. Name two things the elephant can do with his trunk, and two he cannot.

Answer: The elephant can lift his food with his trunk. The elephant can also put mud on his body with the half of the trunk. He cannot scratch himself with his trunk. He also cannot eat his food with his trunk

4. What are the questions that Golu asks other birds and animals?

Answer: Golu was full of questions. He asked his tall aunt i.e. ostrich that why don’t she ever fly like other birds. Then he asked his tall uncle i.e. giraffe that what makes his skin so spotty

Again he asked him huge uncle i.e. hippopotamus that why his hairy uncle i.e. baboon that why melons were taste like melons. Thus, there are the questions Golu asks other birds and animals.

5. What did the birds and animals reply to Golu?

Answer: The Ostrich, the giraffe, the hippopotamus and the baboon has no answers to Golu’s stupid questions. They could not answer him because he always ask such a difficult questions. He also asked to mynah bird sitting in the middle of a bush.

6. What happened when Golu reached the Limpopo river?

Answer: After a few days, he reached the very edge of the great, grassy Limpopo river. On the bank of the river, he saw a log of wood but it was the crocodile who winked at him. He asked the crocodile whether he had seen a crocodile or not. Later the crocodile introduced himself and said to go near him. Golu was much afraid, but he sat down on the back. As Golu put his head down close to the crocodiles snout, the crocodile caught him by the nose.