The Cop And The Anthem Class 7 Extra Questions & Answers

The Cop And The Anthem Class 7 Extra Questions & Answers are available here. Class 7 English The Cop And The Anthem extra questions and answers are prepared by our expert teachers. All these questions are divided into two or three sections. They are short type questions answers, long type question answers and extract based questions. Learning these questions will help you to score excellent marks in the exams.

The Cop And The Anthem Extra Questions and Answers

Very Short Answer Type Question

1. During winter, on which direction does the bird flies?

Answer: South

2. Where in Soapy’s seat?

Answer: In the Madison square

3. Who is soapy?

Answer: Soapy is a homeless and a jobless man.

4. Where is Soapy’s winter home?

Answer: Blackwell’s Island.

5. What is Blackwell’s Island?

Answer: Blackwell’s Islands is a name of a prison.

6. What did Soapy like more than any other places in the city?

Answer: He likes Blackwell’s Island

7. Where did soapy tried his first trick to have a desired life?

Answer: a large and brightly lighted lavish restaurant.

8. Where did Soapy tried his second trick?

Answer: At a shop with a wide glass window, bright, with electric lights.

9. What did soapy do to the shop?

Answer:  He picked up a big stone and threw it through the glass.

10. Who was the first to come, when soapy threw the stone in the shop?

Answer: A cop

11. What is the meaning of ‘Cop’?

Answer: Policeman

12. Where did Soapy tried his third trick?

Answer: Another restaurant, not so fine as the one on Broadway.

13. What did Soapy tell after finishing his big dinner in the third trick?

Answer: He said that he had no money.

14. What did waiters do with Soapy?

Answer: They threw Soapy upon his left ear on the hard street outside.

15. What did prison seemed to be to Soapy?

Answer: A happy dream.

16. What was Soapy’s fear?

Answer: That no cop was going to arrest him.

17. What was Soapy’s fear?

Answer: That no cop was going to arrest him.

18. How many times did soapy try to get into his desired island?

Answer: After failing three times, he tried his luck twice again.

19. What did Soapy do with the umbrella?

Answer: He threw it as far as he could throw it.

20. On the way to park, where did Soapy stopped?

Answer: His old childhood home.

21. What did Soapy heard standing near his childhood home?

Answer: Sweet music.

22. What changed Soapy’s soul in a moment?

Answer: That sweet music

23. What would Soapy do tomorrow, after his soul changed?

Answer: He would find a work.

24. What did Soapy do with the cop at the end?

Answer: He began to agree.

25. What did the judge told Soapy next morning?

Answer: “Three months prison an Blackwell’s Island”.

Short Answer Type Questions

1. What did Soapy do for living?

Answer: Soapy was a homeless and jobless man.

2. Why was Soapy restless?

Answer: Soapy was restless because he had not arranged any shelter for approaching winters.

3. Where do people of New York go in winters?

Answer: New York people made their plan to go to Florida or to the shore of the Mediterranean Sea.

4. Where were Soapy spend winters?

Answer: Soapy spent his winters in jail of Blackwell’s Island.

5. How could he support himself otherwise?

Answer: He could be given alms if he had asked for.

6. Describe the irony in ‘Soapy’s spirit was proud’.

Answer: Soapy was living as a vagabond yet his pride would be compromised if he earn his living by begging door to door, so he preferred his stay at prison which is meant for law breakers.

7. Where a gentleman could have his own life?

Answer: In Soapy’s opinion,a gentleman can live his own life in prison.

8. Why did he enter the fine restaurant?

Answer: He wanted to have dinner without paying for it, so that he would be arrested.

9. Where was the restaurant located?

Answer: The fine restaurant was located at North of Broadway.

10. How was his plan foiled?

Answer: Soapy planned to take dinner in a fine restaurant, however, seeing his torn clothes and shoes head waiter stopped him from entering.

11. Why did Soapy pick up a big stone and threw it through the glass?

Answer: Soapy tried to break the window of a shop to get arrested.

12. Why Soapy was happy to see the cop?

Answer: Soapy made all efforts to get arrested so when a cop reached the spot, he was happy. He thought that they would investigate and send him to jail.

13. What did the waiter do to Soapy when he failed to make payments of dinner?
Answer: Soapy was thrown out of the restaurant for not making payments of the dinner he had.

14. What happened to Soapy when he reached to his childhood home?

Answer: Soapy is suddenly reminder of his childhood home and mother and resolved to turn over a new leaf.

15. What are the other two failed efforts of Soapy?

Answer: He shouted at theatre and later had stolen an umbrella of a man who came to purchase newspaper.

16. Where did the man find the umbrella?

Answer: The man found the umbrella in a restaurant.

17. What change the sweet music had on him?

Answer: The sweet music encouraged him to earn and work for livelihood. He realized his strength of being young.

18. On what charges did the cop arrest him?

Answer: Cop did not believe the submission of Soapy and arrested him for arguing with him.

19. What are some of the signs of approaching winter referred to in the text?

Answer: Some of the signs of approaching winter are birds begin to fly south, people want new warm coats and dead leaves falling.

20. What are some of the signs of approaching winter referred to in the text?

Answer: Some of the signs of approaching winter are birds begin to fly south, people want new warm coats and dead leaves falling.

21. “But the cop’s mind would not consider Soapy”. What did the cop not consider, and why?

Answer: The policeman did not believe that Soapy had broken the window glass. The reason was that no such criminal would stop and talk to a policeman.

Long Answer Type Questions

1. Why is it necessary to be abided by the law for every citizen?

Answer: A civilized society gives fair chance of growth and development for its every citizen. Laws are framed for smooth functioning of activities. The daily routine would be chaotic if laws are broken. For example, if following of traffic lights are ruled out, no one would reach his destination. Soapy was not punished till he comes in the way of law keepers.

2. ‘One should live his life with purpose and dignity’. Justify your answer in reference to the lesson.

Answer: Soapy was a peddler, he had no home or shelter to save him from approaching winters. He wanted to be arrested so as to find a place in prison. If he were a man of dignity and self-esteem, he would have worked hard and succeeded to manage a resting place. When he realized his strength of being young and changed his outlook, he felt like behaving manly. He wanted to live life with dignity and honour. Although he failed, yet there are fair chances that he would soon turn into his life into worthy life.

3. What was Soapy’s first plan? Why did it not work?

Answer: Soapy’s first plan was to have a good dinner at some fine restaurant and then say that he had no money to pay. This would cause a cop to be called, who would then arrest him. The judge would do the rest. However, his plan did not work. As soon as Soapy entered the restaurant door, the head waiter saw his broken old shoes and the torn clothes that covered his legs. As a result, Soapy was thrown out of the restaurant.

4. “We have orders to let them shout”. What is the policeman referring to?

Answer: The policeman referring to the orders that allowed college student to shout as they would not hurt anyone. He said this to a man standing near him when Soapy shouted as if he was drunk thinking that Soapy is a college boy.

5. Described the sign that shows winter was approaching?

Answer: Soapy moved restlessly on his stat in Madison Square. There are certain sights to show that winter is coming. Birds begin to fly south People want new warm coats A dead leaf fell at Soapy’s feet. That was a special sign for him that winter was coming. It was time for all who lived in Madison Square to prepare.

6. What did Soapy wanted most in the world?

Answer: Soapy’s hopes for the winter were not very high he was not thinking of southern skies, or the Bay of Naples. What he wanted was three months in the prison of Blackwell’s Island, three months of flood everyday and bed every night, three months safe from the cold north wind and safe from cops. This is what Soapy wanted most in the world.

7. Why did Soapy thinks that prison was better than any other places in the city?

Answer: Soapy’s spirit was proud. If he went to any place in the city, there were certain things he had to do in one way or another, he would have to pay for what they gave him. They would not ask him for money. But they would make him answer questions. They would want to know everything about his life. These are the reasons Soapy’s thinks that prison was better.

8. What happened with Soapy when he put his foot inside the restaurant door?

Answer: When Sopay entered, the head waiter saw his broken old shoes and the torn clothes that covered his legs. Strong and ready hand turned Sopay around and moved him quality and quickly outside again. Soapy turned off Broadway. It seemed that this most easy way to the Island was not to be his.

9. Describe the moment, when Sopay stopped near his childhood how.

Answer: When Soapy was on his way to home, although home was only a seat in park. Soapy stopped at a very quiet corner. There was his old childhood home. He could see a soft light shining through one window, that had been his living room, where he spent peaceful moments The moon was above, peaceful and bright and the music that came from the room held Soapy there, for he had known it well long ago.

10. What did Soapy thought he would do into end to better his life?

Answer: There was a sudden and wonderful change in his soul after listening to that sweet music. He would fight to change his life. He would pull himself up, out of the mud. There was time, he was young enough he would find his old purpose in life, and follow it. Tomorrow he would friend work from a man who once offered him a job. He would be somebody in the world.