Gopal and the Hilsa Fish Class 7 Extra Questions and Answers

Gopal and the Hilsa Fish Class 7 Extra Questions & Answers are available here. Class 7 English Gopal and the Hilsa Fish extra questions and answers are prepared by our expert teachers. All these questions are divided into two or three sections. They are short type questions answers, long type question answers and extract based questions. Learning these questions will help you to score excellent marks in the exams.

Gopal and the Hilsa Fish Extra Questions and Answers

Very Short Answer Type Question

1. What was the reason that everyone was waiting for?

Answer: The reason that everyone was waiting for was Hilsa fish.

2. Why the fishermen could not resist for?

Answer: The fishermen could not resist for the Hilsa fish to catch.

3. Why was there availability of Hilsa fish?

Answer: Because it was the season where Hilsa fish is available everywhere.

4. Why everyone was buying the fish?

Answer: Because of its cheap prize.

5. What made the king very annoying?

Answer: The king was very annoyed by the discussion of Hilsa fish going on his palace.

6. What was the discussion going on the king’s palace?

Answer: The discussion was about the Hilsa fish.

7. “Are you a courtier or fishermen?”-who said this?

Answer: The king said this line angrily.

8. Why did the king feel guilty?

Answer: The king felt guilty for overacting with his courtiers.

9. Who is Gopal?

Answer: Gopal is a courtier of the king‘s palace and he is the wisest among all.

10. Whom did the king challenge?

Answer: The king challenged Gopal.

11. What does the king challenge Gopal?

Answer: The king challenges Gopal to buy and bring Hilsa fish to the palace without uttering anyone about it.

12. Did Gopal accept his challenge?

Answer: Yes, he accepted the king’s challenge.

13. How did Gopal disguised himself?

Answer: Gopal disguised himself as a beggar.

14. What made Gopal’s wife think when he dreamed weirdly?

Answer: His wife thought that he had gone mad .

15. Where did Gopal go as dressing like beggar?

Answer: Gopal bought Hilsa fish and walked towards the palace.

16. Who stopped him from entering the palace?

Answer: The guards of the king stopped him from entering the palace.

17. Why did the guards not allow him to enter the palace?

Answer: The guards thought that Gopal was a beggar.

18. What happened when Gopal was not allowed to enter the palace?

Answer: Gopal started to sing and dance loudly and creating noise.

19. Did the king allow to enter Gopal?

Answer: Yes, he allowed and wanted to meet him because of his crazy behaviours.

20. Was Gopal recognised by the king?

Answer: Yes, he was recognised by the king.

21. Was Gopal able to win the challenge?

Answer: Yes, he was successful and won the challenge.

Short Answer Type Questions

1. How were the customers convinced by the fishmongers?

Answer: The fishmongers convinced the customers by saying that the price had been down that day.

2. What do you know about Gopai?

Answer: Gopai known for his wisdom and presence of mind and was a courtier in the king’s court.

3. What did Gopal’s wife think about him? Why did she feel that?

Answer: Gopal’s wife thought that her husband had gone mad. She felt that he was dressed too shabbily for a normal man to.

4. What were the remarks of two men on seeing Gopai in the market?

Answer: On seeing Gopai a man said that he must be a madman while the other called him a mystic.

5. Why did the king congratulating Gopai?

Answer: The king congratulated Gopai for winning the challenge that he forced upon him to bring the fish to the court without being in any kind of conversation about it.

6. Why did the king want no more talk about the hilsa-fish?

Answer: Everyone around the king was talking about hilsa fish. This had infuriated the king so he didn’t want anyone to talk about the Hilsa fish.

7. What did the king ask Gopal to do to prove that he was clever?

Answer: The king asked Gopal to buy a Hilsa-fish and bring it to the palace without anyone asking anything about the fish throughout the way to prove that he was clever.

8. What three things did Gopal do before he went to buy his hilsa fish?

Answer: Before he went to buy hilsa fish, Gopal half-shaved his face, smeared himself with ash, and wore disgraceful rags.

9. What was the gossip going on about Hilsa fish?

Answer: All the people fishermen and courtiers were talking nothing but only about Hilsa fish. The gossip was about the cheap prices and sizes of the fish that were sold in the market.

10. How did the fishermen sell the hilsa fish in the market?

Answer: The fishermen sold the fish by telling that the prices of the fishes were very low and can easily buy it to the customers.

11. Why was the king annoyed with his courtiers?

Answer: Everywhere either in the market or in the palace, everybody was discussing about the Hilsa fish. Even the courtiers were also talking nothing but Hilsa fish. This made the king very annoyed and angry with the courtier.

12. Why did the king feel guilty?

Answer: The king felt guilty for according his courtiers, because everyone was talking about the hilsa fish. He said that no one could stop the people from talking about the Hilsa fish.

13. What was Gopal challenged by the king?

Answer: Gopal was challenge by the king to buy and bring the Hilsa fish from the market without talking to anyone about the fish to his palace.

14. Why was Gopal wife was shocked?

Answer: Gopal’s wife was shocked to watch her husband is a wired dressing style. He had showed his half face and smeared ashes into face and were a torn clothes. She felt that her husband had gone mad.

15. What were the comments given by the people to Gopal?

Answer: As he dreamed himself in a wired style and started walking towards the palace holding The Hilsa fish, everyone said that he must be a madman or else a mystic.

16. What happened when the guards stopped him to enter the palace?

Answer: When the guards stopped Gopal to enter the king’s palace he started to sing and dance loudly. The king on her hearing those noises ordered his guards to let him in to his palace.

17. What strange things did Gopai do?

Answer: Gopai had half-shaven his face. Smeared ash over himself. Had put on rags and was looking disgraceful. His wife asked Gopahthe reasons for-such weird acts. Gopai told her that he was going to buy Hilsa fish. At last even she concluded that Gopai had gone mad.

18. How did Gopal get inside the palace to see the king after he had bought the fish?

Answer: When Gopal asked the guards to let him meet king, they refused. Therefore, he began to dance and sing loudly. On hearing his loud song, the king sent his messenger to call him in the court.

19. Explain why no one seemed to be interested in talking about the hilsa fish which Gopal had bought.

Answer: No one was interested about the Hilsa fish. Gopal had bought because of Gopal’s condition. He was wearing rugs, his face was half-shaven and ash was smeared over his body. People were more interested in his appearance than the fish.

20. How did Gopal dress up himself?

Answer: Gopal showed half of his face and smeared ashes on himself. He put on tottered clothes which made his wife surprise and ask him the cause of his wired look. He said to her that he was going to buy hilsa fish from the market. He was looking disgraceful that made his wife think her husband had gone mad.

Long Answer Type Questions

1. If a person take challenges, he put in his efforts to win it. How?

Answer: One should be resolute and firm. Yes, we should not give up in any situation. We should find out a solution to come out of it. Sometimes it might be tough to find the solution, but if we try hard nothing is impossible. We learn from the efforts we make in life. If we won’t make efforts then our learning will stop.

2. What was the challenge given to him by the king? How he won it?

Answer: Gopal happily accepted the challenge of buying a huge Hilsa fish from the market and to ensure on the way from the market to the palace no one should talk to him about the fish. He was an intelligent man. He dressed up like a mad man and his appearance caught everyone’s attention. He reached the court without anyone talking about the fish as everyone was drawn towards his appearance.

3. Why was Gopal stopped entry to the palace? What did he say to the king?

Answer: Gopal looked suspicious or rather mystic since he had dressed himself filthily. More over his beard was half- shaven and ash was smeared on it. In addition to that the guards barred his entry palace. He started dancing and singing loudly so that the king might hear him and call him inside. The king ordered him to be taken inside but he could not recognize him. When Gopal reminded him of his challenge and proved that he had fulfilled it the king was surprised and burst into laughter.

4. What happened when the king hear his courtiers talking about Hilsa fish?

Answer: The king was irritated as everyone was discussing nothing but the fish. When his courtiers were talking about Hilsa fish, he lost his temper and warned them that they were courtiers and not fishermen. But the talking soon felt guilty, looking at his nervous and humble courtier when he had rebuked. His tone changed and he said that it was the season of Hilsa and nobody could be stopped from talking about it.

5. Describe the character sketch of Gopal?

Answer: Gopal is the courtier of the king’s palace. He is an intelligent and clever man. Though he belongs from low caste. He was the favourite courtier of the king. the king come with a challenge to Gopal that he should buy a Hilsa fish from the market and bring it to his palace without letting anyone ask him anything about it . He accept his challenge. Few days later, he dressed up like a beggar by showing holy face and smeared ashes. He wore torn clothes and walked towards the king’s palace holding the Hilsa fish. Later he explained to king that no one noticed the fish because of his wired look thus, he won the challenge.

6. How did Gopal enter the King’s Palace?

Answer: Due to the weird and disgraceful attire, Gopal was laughed at by the people in the market when he went to buy the Hilsa fish. As he reached the gate of the kings Palace and requested to let him in the court, he was restricted to enter by the guards. Gopal being a clever man, he began to sing and dance loudly infront of the gate. This made the king hear his voice and ordered the guards to bring him into his court. This is how Gopal entered the palace.

7. Why were the people talking about the Hilsa fish?

Answer: People were talking nothing but only Hilsa fish because it was the season of Hilsa fish. People were buying the fish with lots of excitement all around. The courtiers, fisherman, etc were also talking nothing but only about the Hilsa fish. The fisherman were selling them with a very cheap price because of the availability in the market.