Expert Detectives Class 7 Extra Questions and Answers

Expert Detectives Class 7 Extra Questions & Answers are available here. Class 7 English Expert Detectives extra questions and answers are prepared by our expert teachers. All these questions are divided into two or three sections. They are short type questions answers, long type question answers and extract based questions. Learning these questions will help you to score excellent marks in the exams.

Expert Detectives Extra Questions and Answers

Very Short Answer Type Question

1. Who is Nishad?

Answer: Nishad is a seven years old boy and is also called a seven.

2. Whose name is also called as seven?

Answer: Nishad.

3. Why Nishad is called seven?

Answer: He is called seven because his name means the seventh note on musical scale.

4. What does the name Nishad mean?

Answer: The name Nishad means the seventh note on the musical scale.

5. Who is Nishad sister?

Answer: Maya.

6. How old is Maya?

Answer: She is ten years old.

7. Who is Maya?

Answer: Maya is the sibling of Nishad (seven).

8. Whom are they very curious about?

Answer: Mr. Nath.

9. What is Nishad’s mother profession?

Answer: She is a doctor.

10. Who is her patient?

Answer: Mr. Nath.

11. Does Nishad’s mother know Mr. Nath?

Answer: Yes, she knows him.

12. Who says Mr. Nath is very polite?

Answer: Nishad’s mother.

13. Who is ‘I’ referred to this story?

Answer: Maya, she is the speaker of this story.

14. Who is Mr.Nath according to Maya?

Answer: Mr. Nath is a criminal and hour millions of money hidden somewhere in his room.

15. How does Mr. Nath look?

Answer: Mr. Nath looks very thin and lonely.

16. What did seven think of Mr. Nath?

Answer: He thought that Mr.Nath was a poor man and had no penny to eat.

17. Where did Mr. Nath live?

Answer: Mr. Nath lived at Shankar house for over an year.

18.  Who take the meal for Mr. Nath?

Answer: Ramesh.

19. Who said them Mr. Nath don’t work anywhere?

Answer: Mr. Nath said this to seven and Maya.

20. Why does Maya think Mr. Nath is a crock?

Answer: Maya think because he is very lonely and no one comes to visit him.

21. What was the reason of his scars according to Maya?

Answer: According to Maya, Mr.Nath got them during the attack by the police.

22. When was mamma’s birthday?

Answer: On Monday.

23. Where was the clinic of their mother?

Answer: Girgaum.

24. Where did seven go with his mother?

Answer: To her clinic at Girgaum.

25. What did seven offers to Mr.Nath?

Answer: A bar of chocolate.

26. How did seven enter Mr.Nath room?

Answer: By making an excuse to find his lost marble.

27. What meal did Mr.Nath eat every day?

Answer: two chapattis, some dal and a vegetable.

28. What strange thing did Ramesh say to seven?

Answer: Every Sunday their visits a man to Mr. Nath’s room.

29. How did visitor did look like according to Ramesh?

Answer: He was tall, stout and wear spectacles.

30. What did the speaker write in large block letter?


31. What was seven doing when Maya was making a list?

Answer: He was lying on the bed and reading comic.

32. What was the list about?

Answer: The list was all about the fact they know about Mr. Nath.

33. How many facts did Maya write on her list?

Answer: She wrote total nine facts.

34. What did the tenants say about Mr. Nath?

Answer: The tenants say Shankar house said that he was mad, strange and very unfriendly.

35. How was Ramesh paid by Mr. Nath?

Answer:  Ramesh was paid cash and also tips as well.

36. Which room was Mr. Nath living in?

Answer: Mr. Nath was living in room no 10 of Shankar house.

37. When did the visitor visit to Mr. Nath?

Answer: The visitor visited only on Sundays for lunch.

38. Who takes food and tea to his room?

Answer: Ramesh.

39. Was Nishad paying attention to Maya’s list of facts?

Answer: No.

40. What did Nishad say while leaving the room?

Answer: He said that he would be friend of Mr. Nath and would try to understand his loneliness.

41. Was the opinion regarding Mr. Nath some for seven and Maya?

Answer: No, they had totally opposite opinion regarding Mr. Nath.

42. Name the author of this story?

Answer: Sharada Dwivedi.

Short Answer Type Questions

1. What is the real name of seven?

Answer: Nishad’s name meant the seventh note on the musical scale, so Maya called him seven.

2. Who is Maya?

Answer: Maya is the sister of Nishad and the narrator in the lesson ‘Expert Detectives’.

3. What was Maya’s prediction for Mr. Nath’s scares?

Answer: Maya assumed that Mr. Nath would have got his scars in a shoot – out with the police.

4. What was the apprehension of Mr. Nath for seven’s second visit?

Answer: Mr. Nath thought Nishad had visited him again to his place in search of his marbles.

5. How did Nishad and Maya spend their holiday?

Answer: Nishad was lying on his bed and reading a comic book on his unexpected holiday and Maya was jotting down the line of investigation.

6. What is the difference of opinion of both siblings?

Answer: Maya was calling Mr. Nath; an escaped crook. In contrast to it, Nishad took him as an ordinary man.

7. What did Maya think about the visitor of Mr. Nath?

Answer: Maya thought that Mr. Nath’s visitor was his accomplice in his crimes. She believed that he kept all the . loot with him and shared the money.

8. What did Nishad give Mr Nath? Why?

Answer: Nishad gave a bar of chocolate to Mr. Nath because he thought the Mr Nath was poor and starving.

9. What is “strange” about Mr. Nath’s Sunday?

Answer: Every Sunday Mr. Nath used to have the same visitor at his home and the two used to have lunch together

10. Why did Nishad and Maya get a holiday?

Answer: Nishad and Maya got a holiday because of a heavy downpour. The streets were flooded due to the rain. Since no traffic could move through the flooded roads, they got a holiday.

11. Who was Nishad and what was the meaning of his name?

Answer: Nishad was a boy a seven years and was also called seven. The meaning of his name is the seventh note on the musical scale. Therefore, he was also called as seven.

12. Whom were the siblings curious about and why?

Answer: Both Nishad and Maya were very curious about Mr.Nath because he looked strange and was very lonely.

13. Who was Mr. Nath?

Answer: Mr. Nath was a patient of seven and Maya’s mother. He was very thin and had no friends this made them very curious about him to know.

14. What was the opinion of Maya regarding Mr. Nath?

Answer: Maya’s opinion regarding him was negative. She thinks him as a criminal and had a lot of money hidden in his room somewhere .she also added that having scars on his face identified him as a real crook.

15. What strange thing did Ramesh say to seven?

Answer: Ramesh said that almost every Sunday one visitor visits to Mr. Nath’s room and also had lunch with him.

16. What did seven and Maya do on an unexpected holiday?

Answer: Maya began to make a list of fact regarding Mr. Nath in a sheet of paper on her bedroom, and seven lied on his bed and was reading some comics.

17. What was the opinion of seven towards Mr. Nath?

Answer: Seven felt sorry for Mr. Nath because of his sickly appearance and also offered him bar of chocolate. He also remembered that his mother said about Mr. Nath as a polite person.

18. What was Maya’s assumption against the visitor?

Answer: Maya said that the visitor would be the accomplice of Mr. Nath and house kept all the loot with him.

Long Answer Type Questions

1. Describe Maya, the speaker?

Answer: Maya was the sister of Nishad. Both of them were very much interested to know about Mr.Nath .She kept an assumption against Mr. Nath as a criminal and had a lot of money hidden somewhere in his room. She also show the fact of having scars of his that was caused by the police during fire set on his house. However, she began to be on expert and professional detective.

2. Was Mr.Nath really a crook?

Answer: It was not exposed whether he was a criminal or not. The siblings, seven and Maya, both of them gave their different opinion regarding Mr. Nath. Maya assumed him as a crook, while Nishad thinks him of a simple and good person. The way of life that Mr. Nath leads was quite pathetic, he was lonely and hardly someone talks to him. Regarding this both of them thinks the opposite about Mr. Nath.

3. Children are inquisitive in nature and are compassionate too. Discuss.

Answer: Nishad resisted the idea that Mr. Nath is a crook. He wanted to investigate the truth. Yet did not give, upon the idea. Mr. Nath was a suspicious character. Both of them wanted to peep inside his life. When Nishad visited Mr. Nath along with his mother, who went to see him as a patient, he found him feeble and lonely. He was moved by the pathetic state of Mr. Nath. At the end of the story, he went out to befriend such a lonely person.

4. The kids representative of a special dimension for creativity in children’s world. How?

Answer: Mr. Nath was not leading a normal life, as he lived alone and got his food from a restaurant. He is visited by a visitor on Sunday’s only. The creativity is evident when Maya jotted down the line of investigation Nishad had curious mind too. Children have sharp intellect and observation. They were obsessed with the idea to get to know about Mr. Nath. They enquired from Ramesh, who brings food for him. Nishad tried to enter into his house to investigate. They came with loads of idea. Yet their motive wasn’t to make fun of him. They were forgiving, compassionate and soft hearted who are willing to lend their helping hand to the needy. For them, everyone should be happy.

5. Why does Maya think Mr Nath is a crook? Who does she say the Sunday visitor is?

Answer: Maya thinks that Mr. Nath is a crook because he doesn’t talk to anyone and has no friends. She believes that his scars are result of shoot out with police. He doesn’t work anywhere and sit at home all the day and there are no visitors at his place except the Sunday morning guest. He is not bothered about his meals and pays the money in cash. She thinks that the Sunday visitor is his partner in the crime. He keeps the money from loot and comes to give Mr. Nath his share.

6. Did Nishad agree with Maya about Mr Nath? How did he feel about him?

Answer: No, Nishad did not agree with Maya about Mr. Nath. He wanted to find out why Mr. Nath was so thin and so lonely. He also wanted to know why he did not have any friends and lived alone. When Maya said recognise him and in from the police, Nishad responded by saying that perhaps no one had ever tried to make friends with him. He finally said that he liked Mr. Nath and was going to try and be his friend. Maya’s theories did not make any impression on him.

7. What all facts Maya collected about Mr. Nath?

Answer: Maya collected the following facts, His name was Mr. Nath and they must find out his first name. Other tenants at Shankar house called him mad strange and unfriendly. He didn’t speak with anyone and lacked manners. He never received any letters and been living as tenant in room no. 10 in Shankar house. He didn’t use to work anywhere and was at his room the whole day. All the kinds and some of the grown up people in Shankar house were scared of him. He had no visitor except the same man on every Sunday. Ramesh used to get his food from the restaurant downstairs and Mr. Nath was not much bothered about it. He used to pay him immediately and also used to give tips.

8. “Mr. Nath was a mystery for both’. How has the Nishad’s opinion changed about him?

Answer: Nishad turned sympathetic towards Mr. Nath seeing his gaunt appearance. His attitude changed further when he came to know that he used to give regular tip to Ramesh for bringing his food. Then he also remembered his mother’s words that Mr. Nath was a polite man.