The Invention of Vita-Wonk Class 7 Extra Questions and Answers

The Invention of Vita-Wonk Class 7 Extra Questions & Answers are available here. Class 7 English The Invention of Vita-Wonk extra questions and answers are prepared by our expert teachers. All these questions are divided into two or three sections. They are short type questions answers, long type question answers and extract based questions. Learning these questions will help you to score excellent marks in the exams.

The Invention of Vita-Wonk Extra Questions and Answers

Very Short Answer Type Question

1. Who was Mr. Willy Wonka?

Answer: Mr. Willy Wonka was a scientist who invented Wonka Vite that makes people much younger.

2. What medicine did Mr. Willy Wonka invent?

Answer: He invented Wonka Vite that makes people look younger.

3. What is Wonka Vite?

Answer: Wonka Vite is a medicine which makes people younger.

4. Who invented Wonka Vite?

Answer: Mr. Willy Wonka, a scientist.

5. What was the use of Wonka Vite?

Answer: It makes people looks younger.

6. What is the oldest living thing in the world? What lives longer than anything else?” – who asked this and to whom?

Answer: Mr. Willy Wonka asked to Charlie.

7. What is fir?

Answer: Fir is tree with needle like leaves, and cones.

8. What is oak?

Answer: Oak is a family of larger tree with a hard wood.

9. What is Chinar?

Answer: Chinar is a kind of oak tree.

10. Where does Chinar grow?

Answer: Chinar grow in Kashmir.

11. What are the different kinds of tree mentioned by Mr. Willy Wonka?

Answer: Douglas fir, oak, cedar, Bristlecone pine.

12. What is Bristlecone pine?

Answer: It is a tree mentioned by Mr. Willy Wonka.

13. Where does Bristlecone pine tree grow?

Answer: It grow upon the slopes of wheeler Rock in Nevada, USA.

14. What grow upon the slopes of Wheeler Rock in Nevada?

Answer: Bristlecone pine tree.

15. How old is Bristlecone pine tree?

Answer: Over 4000 year old.

16. Which tree is 4000 years old?

Answer: Bristlecone pine tree.

17. Which is the oldest tree according to Mr.Willy Wonka?

Answer: Bristlecone pine tree.

18. Who is the Russian farmer?

Answer: Petrovitch Gregorovitch.

19. What did Mr. Willy Wonka collect from the Russian farmer?

Answer: Toe- nail clippings.

20. How old was the toe nail?

Answer: A 168 years old.

21. Who is Petrovitch Gregorovitch?

Answer: A Russian farmer.

22. Where did the tortoise belong to?

Answer: To the king of Tonga.

23. Who laid an egg?

Answer: Tortoise.

24. How old was an egg laid by a Tortoise?

Answer: 200 years old.

25. What belongs to the King of Tonga?

Answer: An Egg laid by a Tortoise.

26. Where Tail was 51 years old?

Answer: A horse.

27. How old was the horse in Arabia?

Answer: 51 years old.

28. What was 51 years old?

Answer: The Tail of a horse.

29. Where from the horse belong to?

Answer: Arabia.

30. What is Crumpets?

Answer: The whiskers of a cat.

31. How old was the Crumpets?

Answer: 36 years old.

32. What was 36 years old?

Answer: the whisker of a cat.

33. What was the whisker of a cat called?

Answer: Crumpets.

34. What had lived on crumpets for 36 years?

Answer: An old flea.

35. An old flea lived on Crumpets for how many years?

Answer: 36 years.

36. How old was the tail of a giant rat?

Answer: 207 years old.

37. What was 207 years old?

Answer: The tail of a giant rat.

38. Where did the giant rat find?

Answer: Tibet.

39. What was found in Tibet?

Answer: The tail of a giant rat.

40. Who was living in a cave?

Answer: Grimalkin.

41. Where was the black teeth found?

Answer: In a cave on Mount Popocatepetl.

42. How old was the black teeth?

Answer: 97 years old.

43. Whose black teeth were found on Mount Popocatepetl?

Answer: Grimalkin.

44. What was 97 years old?

Answer: The black teeth of a Grimalkin.

45. What was 700 years old?

Answer: The Knucklebones of a Cattaloo.

46. Where were the Knucklebones found?

Answer: Peru.

47. How old was the Knucklebones?

Answer: 700 years old.

48. What was found from Peru?

Answer: The Knucklebones.

49. How did Mr. Willy Wonka invent the Vita- Wonk?

Answer: By boiling, bubbling, mixing and testing.

50. How did the medicine look like?

Answer: It was oily black liquid.

51. Name the Volunteer?

Answer: Oompa- Loompa.

52. How old was Oompa – loompa before powring the drop?

Answer: Twenty years.

53. How many drops did he pour?

Answer: Four drop.

54. What happened after applying the drops?

Answer: Oompa- Loompa turned to an old fellow.

55. How old was Oompa- Loompa after experimenting the medicine?

Answer: Seventy five.

56. Was Mr. Willy Wonka successful in inventing the medicine?

Answer: Yes.

57. Who is the writer of this story?

Answer: Roald Dahl.

Short Answer Type Questions

1. According to Charlie what lives the longest?

Answer: According to Charlie a tree lives the longest.

2. Who did Mr. Wonka asked Charlie to confirm Bristlccone pine trees live the longest?

Answer: Mr. Wonka asked Charlie to confirm the fact with any dendrochronologist.

3. How did Mr. Wonka travel?

Answer: Mr. Wonka used to travel across the world in the Great Glass Elevator.

4. Whose knucklebone were collected by Willy Wonka? Where did the old flea collected by Mr. Wonka live?

Answer: Mr. Willy Wonka collected the knucklebones of a 700 years old Grimalkin that lived in a cave on Mount Popocatepetl. The old Flea used to live on Crumpets that was a 36 years old cat.

5. Why does Mr Wonka collect item from the oldest things? Do you think this is the right way to begin his invention?

Answer: Mr Wonka wanted to create an item that will make people older so he collected items from the oldest thing. This is in fact a foolish way to begin an invention.

6. On whom did Mr. Wonka tested the oily black liquid?

Answer: Mr. Wonka tested the oily black liquid over an Oompa – Loompa volunteer.

7. Who was Mr. Willy Wonka?

Answer: Mr. Willy Wonka was a scientist who invented a medicine called Wonk Vite or Vita- Wonk that makes people look much younger.

8. What was told about Vita- Wonka in this story?

Answer: Vita-Wonk is the name of a medicine produce by a scientist named Mr. Willy Wonka. This medicine makes people younger by swallowing only four drops. Thus, it was experimented on the volunteer called Oompa-loompa and was successful.

9. What information did Mr.Willy wonka tell about Bristlecone pine tree?

Answer: He told that the Bristlecone pine grows upon the slops of Wheeler Peck in Nevada, USA. This tree is almost 4000 years old from now.

10. Name any two collection of oldest living thin g researched by Mr.Wonka?

Answer:  Firstly, the tail of a horse that is found in Arabia. The tail was 51 years old .the second collection was an egg laid by a Tortoise that belongs to the king of Tonga and it was 200 years old.

11. Whom did he experiment on and how?

Answer:  He poured four drops of the liquid to the volunteer named oompa-Loompa who was twenty years old. Later he turned to an old man of seventy five years.

Long Answer Type Questions

1. How does the Roald Dahl story to infuse the creativity increase the power of imagination in the children?

Answer: The children are a powerhouse of imagination and creativity. The story boosts the spirit and it gives wings to the imagination of the children. Roald Dahe has a humorous and creative writing style that suits to the delicate mind of children. The language, description of characters is simple. Yet bombastic words used in the lesson helps cognitive development of child.

2. Why the impact of inventions and discoveries need to be regulated?

Answer: Life is an ongoing process with development and growth. Various invention and discoveries benefitted humanity and nature: Yet a few were disastrous. Human mind is highly creative but its energy should be used in doing general good for everybody. The medicine for making young did no good to Mr. Wonka, so he prepared antidote named. Wonka – Vite. Nature needs to be balanced. Service to nature should be aimed at with every research/invention.

3. (i) What trees does Mr Wonka mention? Which trees does he say lives the longest?
(ii) How long does this tree live? Where can you find it?

Answer: (i) Mr Wonka mentions fir, Oak, cedar and Bristlecone Pine trees lives the longest.
(ii) Bristlecone Pine lives for over 4000 years and one can find them upon the slopes of wheeler peak in Nevada, USA.

4. What happens to the volunteer who swallows four drops of the new invention? What is the name of the invention?

Answer: The moment the brave twenty years old Oompa-Loompa volunteer swallowed four drops of the new invention, he began wrinkling and shriveling up all over. His hair started dropping off and his teeth started falling out. Before Mr Wonka knew it, the volunteer had suddenly become an old man of seventy five. The name of the invention was Vita-work.

5. What was special about the Arabian horse? Mr. Wonka collected whose tow-nail?

Answer: The Arabian horse lived for 5 years which is quite unusual for any normal horse. Mr. Wonka collected the toenail clipping of a 168 years old Russian farmer called Petrovitch Gregorovitch.

6. What was the need for Mr. Wonka to invent Vita – Wonk?

Answer: It Vita – Wonk after taking many people have grown younger to an extent that their ages have gone in minus. All such people have disappeared and will be back only after they spend all those minus years being invisible. To counter these changes Mr. Wonka decided to invent a new drug to help people to grow older.

7. What were the ancient things that Mr. Wonka collected?

Answer: Mr. Wonka had collected five ancient things. Mr. Wonka collected a pint of sap from a 4000 years old Bristlecone pine tree, whiskers of a 36 years old cat called Crumpets, an egg laid by a 200 years old tortoise that belonged to the king of Tonga. He also collected tail of 207 years old rat from Tibet and tail of 51 years old horse in Arabia.

8. What changes in the appearance of Oompa – Loompa volunteer after taking the drops of Vita – Wonk?

Answer: The obvious changes of again appeared on Oompa-Loompa. After taking drops of Vita-Wonk the Oompa-Loompa volunteer began to wrinkle and shrivel its hair started falling. Within no while the changes were visible and become an old man who looked around 75 years old.

9. How has the of invention of Vita-Wonk progressed?

Answer: Willy Wonka took much pain. He travelled across he globe in his Great Glass Elevator to collect items for Vita-Wonk. He collected samples from some of the oldest living creatures in the world. He mixed these items, boiled and bubbled them several times in his inventing room and then invented a one tiny cupful of an oily black liquid. He tested this on a 20 years old Oompa – Loompa volunteer and within minutes he turned into a 75 years old creature. This was how Vita-Wonk was discovered.

10. Write any three collections of oldest living things mentioned by Mr. Wonka?

Answer: (i) Firstly, The Toe nail clipping of a Russian farmer named Petrovitch Gregorovitch. The Toe all is almost 168 years old.
(ii) The tail of a giant rat that was found from Tibet the Tail is 207 years old.
(iii) The black teeth of Grimalkin, who lived in a cave on Mount Popocatepetl that was 97 years old.

11. What happened when Oompa –Loompa Swallowed the oily black liquid?

Answer: The medicine produced by Mr. Wonka was like oily black liquid torture. As he poured four drops of it to Oompa-Loompa, he started wrinkling and shriveling up and his hair started falling off, also his teeth. Thus, he was turned to an old fellow of seventy five years who was twenty years before experimenting. However, Mr. Wonka was successful in his new invention called Vita-Wonk.