The Fight Summary Class 8 English

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CBSE Class 8 English The Fight Summary

Short Summary

The Fight summary will discuss the story in a short and precise manner. It is a story about two boys who belong to different states. One was Ranji, a Rajput and the other was Suraj, a Punjabi. Ranji moves to a new city and one day discovers a pool. The translucent water excites him and he gets in the pool and starts swimming. He repeats the same thing the next day but Suraj interrupts him.

Ranji is friendly at first but Suraj does not reciprocate. Thus, they get into a huge fight. They punch and beat each other up. Further, they keep fighting when both of them get tired. They decide to continue the fight the next day. On the next day, Suraj challenges Ranji to swim across the pool and he does so excellently. This surprises Suraj and he asks him to teach him swimming, so they become friends.

The Fight Summary in English

The Fight has been written by Ruskin Bond. It gives us a message that a solution to any difference lies not in fighting but in understanding and helping each other. One who does this is the winner.

Ranji had been in Rajpur when he discovered a pool in the forest. It was a hot day. He plunged into it for a swim. He had no friends. So he wandered about a good deal alone. A small stream flowed out from rocks to feed the pool. Ranji’s limbs were supple and free of fat.

The next day he came again to the forest pool. While he lay there he noticed another boy looking at him in a hostile manner. The other boy was Suraj, older, taller and stronger than Ranji. He said that it was his pool and he always swam alone. He called himself a warrior. Ranji was unafraid. He said that he was not a villager, but a fighter. He refused to run away. He threw a challenge to his adversary. The warrior slapped Ranji with force. Ranji also hit back with his bony fist into the other’s face.

The two started grappling. It was a violent struggle. The fight continued even in the water. Neither emerged victorious. The warrior deferred the fight for the next day. Ranji promised to come, prepared for the fight. He had got cuts on his face, legs and arms.

That evening he went to the bazaar, ate jalebis and drank lemonade. He saw his adversary coming down the road. Both looked angrily at each other. He was feeling weak and lazy after the previous day’s fight. But he could not back out of the challenge. He knew he was no match to him, but he refused to accept defeat. He thought that as long as he fought, he had the right to the pool in the forest.

The next day the two stood on either bank of the stream. Ranji challenged him to swim and come to his side. He was superior to Suraj in swimming. He could dive easily. Ranji could swim under water. He guided Suraj how to dive and swim under water. Thus he tought his opponent Ranji acknowledged that Suraj was a wrestler. Suraj promised to make bony Ranji a pahalwan. The two became friends now. In that moment were born love and understanding between them. They owned the pool jointly thereafter.

Moral of The Fight: The Fight summary teaches us that fighting will not do anyone any good and we should never be too proud instead help one another and establish love and not hate with each other.

The Fight Summary in Hindi

राजपुर यात्रा के दौरान रनजी ने जंगल में एक जलाशय देखा। दिन गर्म था। ताल में तैरने हेतु उसने छलाँग लगा दी। रनजी का कोई मित्र नहीं था। इस कारण वह अकेला ही घूमता फिरता था। एक छोटी नदी चट्टानों से निकलकर आती थी और ताल को भर देती थी। रनजी के अवयव लचीले थे और उन पर चर्बी की पर्त नहीं थी।

अगले दिन वह पुनः जंगल के जलाशय में गया। जब वह वहाँ लेटा हुआ था उसने एक अन्य बालक को अपनी ओर बैर भाव से देखते पाया। वह लड़का जिसका नाम था सूरज, रनजी से बड़ी आयु का, लम्बा और तगड़ा था। वह बोला यह ताल तो मेरा है और मैं हमेशा अकेला ही इसमें तैरता हूँ। उसने कहा मैं योद्धा या पहलवान हूँ। रनजी डरा नहीं। वह बोला मैं कोई देहाती नहीं हूँ बल्कि लड़ाकू हूँ। वह भागा नहीं। उसने अपने प्रतिद्वन्द्वी को ललकारा। पहलवान ने रनजी को जोरदार तमाचा मारा। रनजी ने भी अपनी हड्डी वाला मुक्का उसके चेहरे पर जड़ दिया।

दोनों गुत्थम-गुत्था हो गये। जोर-शोर से लड़ाई हुई। पानी में भी लड़ाई चलती रही। दोनों में कोई भी विजयी नहीं हो पाया। सूरज ने लड़ाई अगले दिन तक के लिये टाल दी। रनजी ने वचन दिया कि मैं लड़ने को तैयार होकर कल आ जाऊँगा। उसके चेहरे, पैरों तथा बाजुओं में घाव हो गये थे।

उस शाम वह बाजार गया, वहाँ जलेबी खाई तथा लेमन सोडा पीया। तभी उसे अपना प्रतिद्वन्द्वी दिखाई दिया जो सड़क पर उसकी ओर आ रहा था। दोनों ने एक दूसरे को क्रोध पूर्वक देखा। रनजी कमजोर और सुस्त महसूस कर रहा था, क्योंकि यह पिछले दिन की गुत्थम गुत्थी का परिणाम था। पर वह चुनौती से पीछे हटने वाला न था। वह जानता था कि वह सूरज से कमजोर है, पर उसने पराजय स्वीकार नहीं की। उसने सोचा जब तक वह लड़ता रहेगा उसका जंगल के ताल पर अधिकार बना रहेगा।

अगले दिन दोनों नदी के दो किनारों पर खड़े थे। रनजी ने उसे ललकारा कि तैर कर इधर आ जाओ। वह तैराकी में सूरज से बेहतर था। वह सरलतापूर्वक गोता लगा सकता था। उसने सूरज को गोता मारने तथा पानी में नीचे तैरने का तरीका बताया। रनजी ने माना कि सूरज पहलवान है। सूरज ने वचन दिया कि वह भी उस कमजोर हडिडयों वाले को पहलवान बना देगा। तब दोनों मित्र बन गये। इस क्षण उनके बीच प्यार तथा समझौते का जन्म हो गया। अब ताल पर दोनों का मालिकाना हक बन गया।