When I Set Out for Lyonnesse Summary Class 8 English Poem

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CBSE Class 8 English When I Set Out for Lyonnesse Summary

Short Summary

The poem comes from Hardy’s memory of three days of his life. The poet is a young architect who went to Lyonnesse to supervise the renovation work of a dilapidated church. It was 100 miles away. It was winter season the foliage of the tree was covered with frost he had to travel very far. No prophet on the wisest wizard could guess the experienced poet had at Lyonnesse. He himself couldn’t predict his future.

After his journey to Lyonnesse, his eyes were bright with happiness. It was his experience which no one can measure it was revelation of life, his happiness was silent to everyone. All could understand that he was filled with a rare and immeasurable radiance.

When I Set Out for Lyonnesse Summary in English

The poem is written by Thomas Hardy and revolves around his visit to a Parish. As the poet is a trainee architect, he goes to supervise the restoration of a church. Little does he know that he is in for a life-changing experience.

The poet leaves for the Parish on a cold evening. It was around a hundred miles away and the shrubbery was all covered in frost. It was a lonely path and the stars were his only company. Moreover, they help in guiding him the way.

In order to oversee the whole process, the poet stays at the Parish for a little while. The poet is not aware at all that he is going to have a life-changing experience at the Parish. However, during that short period of time, he notices some changes happening.

These are inner changes which he is not expecting at all. The poet is not prepared for all this. He feels that he cannot guess even for the slightest minute that he will be experiencing all this.

Moreover, he even says that not even a prophet or wizard could have predicted these changes. When he returns from his work trip, he feels changed. There is a new glow in his eyes which everyone else can notice as well.

This is the surprising part because while the poet can feel the changes within, everyone can see them too. They feel like he has a radiating positivity about him now. Thus, the poet gives credit to his visit to the Parish for bringing the magical glow in his eyes.

All in all, we see how the poet goes through a major change in his life when he was least expecting it. Thus, it is true that miracles do happen. Moreover, no one can predict their happening.

Moral of When I set out for Lyonnesse
The poem is a very insightful piece of work that tells us how things happen to us when we least expect them and that no matter what we plan, there is another plan for us by God which no one can predict.

When I Set Out for Lyonnesse Summary in Hindi

कवि युवा शिल्पकार की हैसियत से लियोनीज गया ताकि वहां चर्च में हो रहे निर्माण कार्य की देखभाल कर ले। यह स्थान कोई 100 मील दूर था। जाड़े की ऋतु थी। पत्तियों पर तुषार की परत चढ़ी थी। कवि अकेला तथा कुछ घबराया हुआ था। उसका एक मात्र साथी था तारों की झिलमिल रोशनी।

उसे इस बात की जानकारी नहीं थी कि लियोनीज में रहने के दौरान उसे किस स्थिति का सामना करना पड़ेगा। कोई भी ज्योतिषी अनुमान नहीं लगा सकता था कि भविष्य में क्या होगा। बहुत अच्छा फकीर भी कल के बारे में नहीं बता सकता था।

पर जब वह उस स्थान से लौट कर आया तो वह बहुत खुश था। उसकी आँखों में खुशी की चमक थी। सभी चुपचाप उसकी गहरी, असामान्य खुशी के कारण का अनुमान लगाने की कोशिश करते रहे।