The Comet Part 1 Extra Questions and Answers Class 8 English

The Comet Part 1 Extra questions and Answers PDF help the students in preparing for their examination in an orderly manner. Class 8 English It so happened Chapter 9 extra questions includes short and long questions which are essential for school exams. Practicing class 8 extra questions help the students to understand the entire chapter for the preparation of class tests and terminal exams.

Extra Questions for Class 8 English Chapter 9 The Comet Part 1

Short Answer Type Questions

1. How was the weather in the story?

Answer: The weather was cold. It was a moonless night in December. Doctors have advised Manoj Dutta to take care of himself, so his wife brought him a white woollen pullover.

2. Why did Indrani called the telescope as ‘wretched Dibya’?

Answer: Indrani had complaints against her husband, Manoj Dutta, who was obsessed with the idea to discover a comet. He often spends time in observation of activities in the heavenly bodies. Indrani took the telescope as a woman. Who had ensnared her husband?

3. How did Duttada manage to buy telescope?

Answer: As an amateur astronomer, Duttada wanted to buy a good telescope. He got ample amount on his retirement so he spent some amount on buying the telescope.

4. What was Duttada’s ‘secret ambition’?

Answer: Like every amateur astronomer, Duttada had a secret ambition that one day he would discover a new comet.

5. Why was Duttada confident that he would discover a comet?

Answer: Duttada was optimistic that the professionals with their pre-assigned programmer would be looking at faint stars and nebulous galaxies and they might miss a comet. Generally professional discoverer might miss new comets and amatures might get success in finding them.

6. Why Duttada was sure that tonight was going to be the big night?

Answer: Duttada had detected a faint stranger against the background of the same old stars that he sees every day. He re – examined the charts with him checked for smudges on Dibya. He was meticulous in his observations as well.

7. Why was the comet called as ‘comet Dutta’?

Answer: ‘Comet Dutta’ was named after its finder. As it was according to the accepted practice the new comet was named after its discover.

8. What compelled Dutta to say ‘I almost wish I had not discovered this comet’?

Answer: Dutta was an introvert who believes in his work. But after discovering comet, unwanted publicity was attached to his name. He had a numerous reception and functions to attend. So he was disgusted to be centre of focus as it was not part of his nature.

9. What was Indrani’s concern about comets? How did Duttada counter her idea?

Answer: Indrani was superstitious lady she felt that comets bring ill – luck and in particular to the person who discovered it. However he said that comets are not harmful.

10. What information did Duttada imparted about comet?

Answer: Duttada told his wife that there was no correlation between the arrival of a comet and the calamities of the earth. On the contrary, comets had been scientifically studied with their composition. It had nothing harmful and it might pass harmlessly.

11. What did the note sent by John Macpherson say?

Answer: John Macpherson sent a note to James carrying instruction to visit the former without any delay. Arrangements were made for later’s overnight stay in London.

12. What was the specific reason of inviting James to the White Hall?

Answer: James sent a manuscript to be published in ‘Nature’ regarding the devastating impact of the comet. Sir John knew that it would be catastrophic if the news reaches the people.

13. What was Sir John’s intention in interrogating about comet?

Answer: Sir John was aware of the fact that the comet would be catastrophic. So he wanted to call an urgent , meeting of experts from all over the world. Secondly, he asked James about ‘rare circumstances’ by which the collision would be avoided.

14. What were those ‘rare circumstances’ that James was talking about?

Answer: James revealed that there could be some rare circumstances. He said that it might collide with some asteroid before reaching there.

15. Why did James say that ‘suppressing this paper will not hide the truth’?

Answer: James was claiming that there were no chance of escaping from impending disaster Sir John did not want to publish the information revealing the truth facts. Rather he wanted to dilute the information which might cause panic.

16. Why does Duttada say – “I almost wish I had not discovered this comet”?

Answer: The discovery of the new comet brought Duttada publicity which he did not like. He had to attend many receptions and functions. So he wished he hadn’t discovered that new comet.

17. Why is his wife unhappy about the discovery?

Answer: His wife was unhappy about the discovery because she believed that comets bring ill-luck, and she wished a good man like Duttada should not be associated with such a discovery. 1

18. How did Sir John get hold of James original manuscript?

Answer: James’ original manuscript was to be published in ‘Nature’. Sir John got hold of it as the editor of ‘Nature’ was his friend.

19 What is the important point the paper makes?

Answer: The paper makes the important point that Duttada’s comet would collide with the earth.

20. Why does Sir John say that James paper should not be published?

Answer: Sir John wanted no panic to be spread among people. He was confident of finding a solution to this problem with help of the world’s scientists.

21. What do the two men finally decide to do?

Answer: The two men decided to call a secret meeting of experts within a week’s time to think over and find the solution to the existing problem.

Long Answer Type Questions

1. Dedication and commitment are the key traits for success. Comment.

Answer: Manoj Dutta was so obsessed with the idea of discovery a comet. He spent his retirement amount on buying a telescope. He was so engrossed in his work that he ignored his health and spent endless night on observing the changes in the sky. He also knew that other discoverers might end up doing their duty that they might ignore the important activity in the sky. So his dedication and commitment was beyond expectations that made him successful too.

2. One should own responsibility for his actions. Who was more responsible – Sir John or Dr. James and how?

Answer: Dr. James had investigated everything and wanted to widespread the news of collision Sir John however wanted to dilute as it might Jake everyone panicky. Subsequently, he wanted to call a secret conference, of international experts to take necessary step to avert the danger, so he reacted according to. the need of hour. Dr. James was efficient in his research but Sir John acted in a more responsible way. So one should be honest but he should act in everyone’s favour.

3. Why does Indrani Debi dislike Duttada’s “hobnobbing” with Dibya?

Answer: Indrani Debi disliked Duttada’s “hobnobbing” with Dibya because for her, that telescope was like a wretched woman who had ensnared her husband.

4. ‘She is complaining and smiling1. Why is she smiling?

Answer: Indrani Debi knew that her husband never gave a damn care to house hold issues. But on that night he did not forget to shut the door before leaving for star-gazing. He was smiling for his rare carefulness.

(i) What was Duttada’s secret ambition?
(ii) What did he do to achieve it?

(i) Duttada’s secret ambition was to buy a good telescope and to have enough of spare time to watch the stars.

(ii) Duttada was a keen observer of star$ in the sky. For that he wanted to buy an upgraded telescope. After retirement he got sufficient funds. Then he bought a telescope and he started gazing at the stars without caring for his wife and health.

6. What if the difference between a planet and a comet, as given in the story?

Answer: Like planets, comets also orbit round the Sun, but their orbits are highly eccentric. Once in a while, a comets comes close to the Sun. It has a longish tail that is lit brilliantly by the sunlight, and then it recedes into darkness, not to be seen again for years or for centuries.

7. Why was Duttada hopeful that he would discover a new comet soon?

Answer: Duttada knew that professional astronomers have to follow their organization’s guidelines to look for faint stars and nebulae. They don’t pay attention to insignificant things like comet. All the comets had been discovered by amateur astronomers till date. So Duttada was hopeful of discovering a new comet.