The Great Stone Face Part 1 Extra Questions and Answers Class 8 English Honeydew

The Great Stone Face Part 1 Extra questions and Answers PDF help the students in preparing for their examination in an orderly manner. Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 9 extra questions includes short and long questions which are essential for school exams. Practicing class 8 extra questions help the students to understand the entire chapter for the preparation of class tests and terminal exams.

Extra Questions for Class 8 English Chapter 9 The Great Stone Face Part 1

Short Answer Type Questions

1. What is “The Great Stone face”?

Answer: The Great Stone Face is a work of nature, formed on the perpendicular side of a mountain by some immense rock, which had been thrown together so that when viewed at a proper distance, he resembles the face of human.

2. What were the mother and her little boy doing at the door of their cottage?

Answer: The mother and her little boy, were sitting at the door of their cottage, gazing at the Great Stone Face and talking about it.

3. What was the old prophecy that Ernest’s mother told him about the Great Face?

Answer: Ernest’s mother told him a story that, when she herself was younger, at some future day a child should be born here. That was destined to become the greatest & the noblest person of his time and whose face would be remember red with the great stone face.

4. Write a short story of Ernest’s childhood to adult.

Answer: Ernest spent his childhood in the log cottage where he was born. He was dutiful to his mother & helpful to her in many ways. She assisted her with little hand and with loving heart.

5. Why Ernest spent hours gazing at Great Stone Face?

Answer: Ernest had no teacher, but the Great Stone Face became one of them. When his work was over, he would gaze at him until he began to imagine that those vast features recognized him, & gave him a smile of kindness and encouragement.

6. What were the rumours throughout the valley about bearing a resemblance to the Great Stone Face?

Answer: In the valley, there were rumour that a young man had left the valley & settled, being sharp in business matters had become very rich and would decide to go back there and end his days where he had been born.

7. How did Mr. Gathergold arrive at the valley?

Answer: A carriage, drawn by four horses, dashed round the turn of the road. Within it, the window appeared the face of an old man with yellow skin Mr. Gathergold.

8. Did Ernest think that the old prophecy comes true when Mr. Gathergold arrives at valley? How do you know that?

Answer: No, Ernest did not thought that, as he turned away sadly from the wrinkled shrewdness of that unpleasant face.

9. How did the Great Stone Face seem to Ernest when he saw him sally after the arrival of Mr. Gather gold?

Answer: The great stone face seemed to say that “He will come! Fear not, Ernest; the man will come!.

10. Write the character sketch of Ernest.

Answer: Ernest was industrious, kind & neighbourly. He helped his mother in works. He liked to gaze at the Great Stone Face. Great stone face was like a teacher for him. He had sentiments with the stone face.

11. Who was the another child of valley which was thought that he would resemble with the great stone face?

Answer: The another son of valley was a soldier. After a hard fighting, he was known as a commander. He was known as the name of Blood and thunder and desired to come at his native valley and might resemble the Great stone face.

12. Did the soldier actually resemble the Great Stone Face?

Answer: According to the people of valley, soldier resembles with the Great Stone Face. But when Ernest saw soldiers and Great stone face together he could not recognise it.

13. How did the people of valley welcome soldier?

Answer: On the day of general’s arrival, Ernest and all the other people of the valley left their work and proceeded to the spot where a great banquet had been prepared. Soldiers stood on guard flags and waved and the crowd roared.

(i) What was the Great Stone Face?
(ii) What did young Ernest wish he gazed at it?

Answer: (i) The Great Stone Face was a work of Nature. It was formed on the side of the mountain by a huge rock. It looked like a human face.

(ii) Young Ernest wished that the stone could speak because Stone Face looked so kind that he thought its voice must be pleasant.

15. What was the story attributed to the stone face?

Answer: The story that was attributed to the stone face was that at some future day, a child would be born near there, and he would be destined to become the greatest and noblest person of his time. His face, in manhood, would bear an exact resemblance to the Great Stone Face.

16. What gave the people of the valley the idea that the prophecy was about to come true for the first time?

Answer: A youngman named Gathergold had left the valley many years ago. By the time he grew old, he had grown rich. When he returned to his native valley, a rumour spread that he resembled the stone face. People thought that the prophecy had come true.

(i) Did Ernest see in Gathergold the likeness of the Stone Face?
(ii) Who did he confide in and how was he proved right?

Answer: (i) No, Ernest did not see the likeness of the Great Stone Face in Gathergold.

(ii) Ernest confided in his own heart that the Gathergold was not the right man he was waiting for. He was proved right because Gathergold died after some time. He was then a poor man. All the people then said that he had no likeness with the stone face. Ernest believed that the noblest man of his time would come sooner or later.

Long Answer Type Questions

1. Imagine you are Ernest. Narrate the story that his mother told him.
Begin like this: My mother and I were sitting at the door of our cottage. We were looking at the Great Stone Face. I asked her if she had even seen any one who looked like the Stone Face. Then she told me this story.

Answer: On an afternoon, my mother and I were sitting at the door of our cottage. Our eyes were looking at the Great Stone Face. Suddenly I asked a question after my mom did. She saw anybody that resembles the face of Great Stone. After hearing this, mom started story related to prophecy of that Great Stone Face. She said that there is a belief that one day a child bearing exact resemblance to the great Stone Face, in manhood, would take birth nearby and would be destined to be the noblest and the greatest person of his time. Some people believe in the old prophecy and others take it as an idle tale.

2. Imagine you are Gathergold. Write briefly the incident of your return to the valley.

Answer: My name is Gathergold. I left the valley in a horse drawn carriage. The people mistook me for the Great stone face. They welcomed me and shouted “Sure enough, the old prophecy is true and the great-man has arrived at last”.

(i) What made people believe General Blood-and-Thunder was their man?
(ii) Ernest compared the man’s face with the stone face. What did he conclude?

Answer: (i) General Blood-and-thunder rose to his present position in defence from a soldier. He desired to return to his native valley. The residents of the valley said that he bore the likeness of the great stone face. His childhood friends also said that the General had always looked life the Great Stone Face. It made people believe “General Blood-and-Thunder was their man.

(ii) Ernest compared the face of Blood-and -Thunder with the Great Stone Face. He could not recognize any similarity between them. His heart assured him that the General was not the right person he was waiting for. So Ernest concluded that the greatest and the noblest man of his time bearing the resemblance to the Great stone face had yet to come.