The Open Window Extra Questions and Answers Class 8 English

The Open Window Extra questions and Answers PDF help the students in preparing for their examination in an orderly manner. Class 8 English It so happened Chapter 7 extra questions includes short and long questions which are essential for school exams. Practicing class 8 extra questions help the students to understand the entire chapter for the preparation of class tests and terminal exams.

Extra Questions for Class 8 English Chapter 7 The Open Window

Short Answer Type Questions

1. Who attended the visitor at his arrival and why?
The niece of the lady attended the visitor at his arrival because it would take fifteen minutes for her aunt to reach.

2. What was the apprehension that Framton had when he visited sappletons?
Framton was apprehensive about his formal visit to the total strangers. He was in doubts if the visit could help him with his nerve issues.

3. What did his sister suggest about nerve cure?
His sister advised him to migrate to the countryside. She offered him to give take a letter of introduction to people she knew. As those people were good, they might help him in curing the disease.

4. What did the girl do to break the silence between the two?
Framton and the girl were quietly sitting for some time. Then the girl asked if he was familiar with more people.

5. What did Framton inform about his familiarity with the place?
Framton informed her that he hardly knew anyone in the neighbourhood. He added that his sister stayed there about four years ago.

6. Why was the girl try to check by saying ‘only her name and address’?
The girl was trying to reassure about his visit to the place. She was excellent in concocting false stories about people. On Learning about his unawareness, she was ready to frame a lie about the window, so as to scare the visitor.

7. Why did the girl weave the story around the French window?
The girl was aware of the fact that he knew nothing about the place and people of the village. It was also unusual to open up a window in the month of October. She also knew that her false story won’t be falsified because it was certain that aunt might talk about it.

8. What does the girl’s explanation for his lightning exit?

Answer: The girl explained that Framton had a bitter experience of dogs. So he made a sudden exit on seeing the dog.

9. Why was Mrs. Sappleton apologetic when she met Framton?

Answer: Mrs. Sappleton was apologetic for being late in making her appearance. As the visitor was new to the place, she realized her delay might offend her guest.

10. Why was Mrs. Sappleton’s attention divided?
Mrs. Sappleton welcomed guest with warmth. Yet she kept on talking about her husband and her brothers who went for hunting. Her eyes were prying for them and focused on window and lawn ahead of it.

11. What was the doctor’s advise to Framton?

Answer: Framton told Mrs. Sappleton that the doctors advised him to take complete rest an absence of mental exercise and avoidance of anything in the nature of violent physical exercise. He further added that diet was not specified as they were in dilemma to come to an agreement.

12. What ‘nameless fear’ shook Framton?
The girl told a story with such conviction that made Framton believed her. When Mrs. Sappleton saw them her approaching family, the girl started staring out through the open window. Then appeared three figures, that scared Framton.

13. How did Framton leave Mrs. Sappleton’s house?

Answer: Framton was scared when he saw the three figures walking towards the window. Then he hurriedly picked up his stick and hat and went out running to the road. A cyclist had to run into the hedge to avoid collision with him.

14. Why did Framton Nuttel come to the “rural retreat”?
Framton Nuttel had come to the “rural retreat” to undergo a nerve cure.

Long Answer Type Questions

1. Imagination is a catalyst for doing common good. Do you agree or disagree.

Answer: Dreams and imagination stimulates the creativity of a person. Successful people have dreams and visionaries. They look like common people but their attributes and approach make them distinct. Vera also have strong imagination but instead of doing any good, she had imprinted the mind of Framton, with her highly imaginative haunted story. She was so convincing in her ghost and dog story that both the listeners had believed her. Vera did no good by her imagination, however, it only add creativity and responsibility to her talent.

2. What did the girl say about hasty move of Framton?

Answer: The girl framed a story that Framton had a horror of dogs because he was once hunted into a cemetery somewhere on the banks of the Ganges by a pack of dogs and had to spend the night in a newly dug grave with the creature, snarling and grinning and foaming just above him.

3. Why had his sister give him a letter of introduction to people living there?

Answer: His sister knew that Framton would meet very few people in the countryside. He would feel lonely and bored. His condition could grow worse. So she gave him letters of introduction to all people she knew there.

4. What had happened in the Sappleton family as narrated by the niece?

Answer: The niece told Nuttel that about three years ago Mrs. Sappleton’s husband and her two younger brothers had gone for their day’s shooting through the open french window. They never came back. In crossing the moor to their favourite shooting spot, they were all engulfed. It was a wet summer and places that were safe in other years gave way suddenly without warning. Their bodies were never recovered.

5. What did Mrs. Sappleton say about the open window?

Answer: Mrs. Sappleton said that she hoped Framton did, not mind the open window. She told him that her ‘ husband and her brothers would be coming Home directly from their shooting and they always came that way.

6. The horror on the girls face made Framton swing around in his seat. What did he see?

Answer: When Framton turned around, he saw in the deepening twilight three figures walking across the lawn toward the window. They all carried guns under their arms and one of them also had a white coat hung over his shoulders. A tired brown spaniel kept close at their heels. They neared the house noiselessly and then a hoarse young voice said. “I say. Bertie, why do you bound?”

7. Why did Framton rush out wildly?

Answer: Framton rushed out wildly because he was a “chill shock of nameless fear”. He was scared and shocked to see the three men. He thought they were dead, and seeing them walking towards the open window, he rushed out.

8. What was the tragedy that the girl was narrating about to the stranger?

Answer: The girl spoke about a tragedy that happened three years ago when Mr. Sappleton and his two brother in laws went for hunting never to return. But Mrs. Sappleton was still waiting for them. She also added that her poor aunt couldn’t bear the loss and was badly affected because of it.

9. Is this a mystery story? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer: While explaining the mystery behind the open French window, the events narrated by Mrs. Sappleton’s niece manage to create a sense of foreboding. Later, when the three men approached the open window, the reader (like Framton) can only logically conclude that they were ghosts. Hence, One can say that this story does contain elements of the mysteriousness.

10. You are familiar with the ‘irony’ of the situation in a story. (Remember the Cop and the Anthem in class VII Supplementary Reader!) Which situations in ‘The open window’ are good examples of the use of irony?

Answer: “Irony” refers to the contrast between what is intended or-expected and what actually occurs. The open window has irony of situation. Poor Framton went to countryside for rest and relief from his nervousness. But Mrs. Sappleton’s niece concocted a false story that he suddenly rushed out. He mistook Mrs. Sappleton’s husband and brother as their ghosts.