How The Camel Got His Hump Class 8 Important Questions and Answers

Important questions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 1 How The Camel Got His Hump PDF help the students in preparing for their examination in an orderly manner. Along with these important questions we have also included their answers. It also includes short and long questions which are important for school exams. Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 1 important questions for practice help the students to understand the entire chapter for the preparation of class tests and terminal exams.

Important Questions for CBSE Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 1

Short Answer Type Questions

1 What did the camel eat and where did he live? Why?

Answer: The camel ate thorns and prickles and lived in the middle of a Howling Desert because he did not want to work.

2. What did the three animals do after the camel refused to work?

Answer: The three animals namely the horse, the dog and the ox held a panchayat on the Edge of the Desert after the camel’s refusal to work.

3. What tasks, do you think, were assigned to the dog and the ox?

Answer: The dog was assigned the task of carrying and fetching things. The ox was asked to carry the yoke on his neck and thereby plough the field.

4. Why did the camel live in the middle of the desert?

Answer: The camel lived in the middle of the desert because he did not want to work.

5. What made the dog, the horse and the ox very angry?

Answer: The dog, the horse and the ox were very angry because they had to do extra work to compensate for camel’s idleness; while the camel did not do any work.

6. How did the Djinn punish the camel?

Answer: The Djinn encouraged the camel to work but when he refused to work, it angered the Djinn and on his back became a big hump. He was told to work equally with the other animals, come out of the desert and behave properly.

7. What work was given to the horse, the dog and an ox?

Answer: The horse was given the work to trot, dog was given the work to fetch and carry and ox had to plough.

8. Why do you think the camel was looking at his own reflection?

Answer: Camel was looking at his own reflection to see how smart he was not to work and make others work in his place.

9. What was the purpose of the ‘humph’ on camel’s back?

Answer: The purpose of the ‘humph’ was to live on it without eating.

10. Why did early man domesticate a few animals?

Answer: Early man domesticated animals for different purposes. They used them to carry heavy loads, draw carts and plough the field.

12. Which animal in your opinion is man’s best friend and most useful too?

Answer: The dog is man’s best friend. It provides security and even draws the sledge on ice. It is known for its faithfulness. The horse and the elephants have also been very friendly to man.

13. Do you think the camel renders no service to man?

Answer: The camel is rightly called the ship of the desert. It renders a variety of services to man. It is the chief means of transport across the desert. It ploughs the fields and gives milk and meat to its master.

14. Do yon think hump on a camel’s back has no use?

Answer: The hump on a camel’s back is an obstruction in riding. But it is very useful. It coma ins fat arid food. A camel can get its food from the hump for several days.

15. Who was Djinn? How did he set the camel right?

Answer: Djinn was in-change of all deserts. So the horse, ox and the dog complained to him about the camel’s laziness. The Djinn scolded the camel, gave a hump on its back and ordered it to serve man as did other animals.

Long Answer Type Questions

1. What made the Three very angry?

Answer: The Three (the Dog, the Horse and the Ox) were hard working animals. They did different works for men. The Dog carried heavy loads, the Horse drew carts and the Ox ploughed the field. These three were fed up with the Camel because he didn’t do any work. So one day they complained to Man about the Camel’s laziness. At this the Man became angry. He told the three to leave the Camel alone and work double time to compensate his (Camel’s) work. That made the three very angry. They held a panchayat but it proved in vain. The camel came chewing and laughed at them.

2 How did the Camel get a hump?

Answer: In the beginning the camel was a lazy animal. He didn’t want to work and lived in the middle of a desert away from other working animals. But the animals never forgot him and his nature. They wanted him to work like them. They complained against him to the Djinn, who was in-charge of all deserts. The Djinn decided to punish such an idle animal. He told the Camel to work like other animals but the Camel showed no willingness to work. This made the Djinn angry. He put a curse on the Camel. Soon the Camel’s back puffed up into a big bump. This is how the Camel got a hump.