The Best Christmas Present in the World Class 8 Important Questions

Important questions for Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 1 The Best Christmas Present in the World PDF help the students in preparing for their examination in an orderly manner. Along with these important questions we have also included their answers. It also includes short and long questions which are important for school exams. Class 8 English Chapter 1 important questions for practice help the students to understand the entire chapter for the preparation of class tests and terminal exams.

Important Questions for CBSE Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 1

1. Where did the author find the letter?

Answer: The author had bought a very old roll-top desk. Inside its drawer there was a secret drawer. The author found the letter inside it.

2. How did the German and the British soldiers celebrate Christmas?

Answer: The German and the British soldiers forgot their enmity. They smoked, drank and ate together, they sang and played a match of football with each other and finally went to their trenches.

3. How did the author find Jim’s letter? What did it contain?

Answer: The author found Jim’s letter in the small black tin box, put in the drawer of an old table. Jim’s letter was addressed to his wife. He was a British soldier but he was glad to have celebrated Christmas together with the German soldiers. He put it down in the letter and promised to come back home on Christmas.

4. Jim talks about an incident that had just happened at the front. What was it? 

Answer: England and Germany were at war with each other. The British soldiers were waiting to shoot the German soldiers. But on Christmas, a strange development took place. The German soldiers came out of their hiding places and called out ‘Happy Christmas’. They were unarmed and they waved a white flag. The British soldiers led by captain Jim Macpherson agreed to celebrate the festival together.

5. Who are Fritz and Tommy in the story?

Answer: Fritz and Tommy are the names given to the German and the British soldiers respectively.

6. Describe in brief the author’s meeting with Connie.

Answer: Connie or Mrs Macpherson was 101 years old. When the author took Jim’s letter to her in a nursing home she became very excited. Her eyes lit up and she mistook the author for her husband. She kissed his cheek. She said that she had been reading his letter every day. But she wanted to hear his voice. She had made a Christmas cake also for him as he had promised to come home. She thought that he was back home. She called his presence at home as the best Christmas present for her in the world.

7. What had happened to Mrs. Macpherson? Describe her condition.

Answer: Mrs. Macpherson lived alone after her husband (Jim Macpherson) went to join the British army during the First World War. One day her house caught fire. But she was saved by the firemen. From then she had been in a nursing home for treatment. She had grown extremely old and couldn’t walk on herself. And her life got confined to a wheelchair.