The Great Stone Face – II Class 8 Important Questions and Answers

Important questions for Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 10 The Great Stone Face – II PDF help the students in preparing for their examination in an orderly manner. Along with these important questions we have also included their answers. It also includes short and long questions which are important for school exams. Class 8 English Chapter 10 important questions for practice help the students to understand the entire chapter for the preparation of class tests and terminal exams.

Important Questions for CBSE Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 10

1. What made Ernest well known?

Answer: Ernest became well known because of his wise thoughts and his conversation with people.

2. What did Ernest imagine while listening to the poet?

Answer: While listening to the poet, Ernest imagined that the Great Stone Face was bending forward to listen.

3. What did Ernest feel after reading the poems?

Answer: After reading the poems, Ernest felt the fulfillment of prophecy in the poet.

4. Why did Ernest’s words have power?

Answer: Ernest’s words had power because they agreed with his thoughts of reality and depth.

5. What message did Ernest’s words utter?

Answer: Ernest’s words uttered the message of a life of good deeds and selfless love.

6. What changes come to be seen in Ernest with passing of time?

Answer: Ernest was now a man of middle age. His hairs turned white and there were wrinkles across his forehead and furrows in his cheeks. He had become wiser with profound thoughts. The valley people respected him and took his advice on several occasions.

7. Why did Ernest become sad after he examined the poet’s features?

Answer: The poet had celebrated the Great Stone Face in one of his poems. When Ernest read that poem he became convinced that the poet had the likeness of the Great Stone Face. But when he met the poet, all his hopes shattered. He found no resemblance between the poet and the Stone Face. This was the reason why he became sad.

8. Why did the poet’s eyes fill with tears?

Answer: The poet became sentimental to listen to Ernest. His words had power because they had depth. They were the words of life, a life of good deeds and selfless love. The poet felt that the life and character of Ernest were nobler strain of poetry that he had ever written. His eyes filled with tears and he said to himself that never was there so worthy a sage as that thoughtful face, with the glim of white hair diffused about it.

9. Give a character-sketch of Ernest.

Answer: Ernest was a small boy when he became interested in the Great Stone Face. He felt that the face smiled on him. He wished to love the man with such a face. He was dutiful and helpful to his Mother. He grew up to be a gentle and quiet youth. He regarded the Stone Face as his teacher. He turned to the face for advice. He was not influnced by the common belief that Gathergold or Blood- and-Thunder General had any resemblance with the Stone Face. Even the poet’s face made him sad. And he was right when the poet himself admitted that he wasn’t worthy to be the likeness of the face. Finally, the same poet shouted with joy that Ernest himself was the likeness of the Stone Face. But Ernest remained humble to the last. He kept hoping that some wiser and better man than himself would appear.

10. How did Ernest feel when people hailed him as the likeness of the Stone face?

Answer: Ernest was truly noble and humble. His deeds matched with his thoughts. He received the poet warmly. For a while he thought the writer of those poems was truly the greatest and wisest person. The poet and the people ultimately hailed him as the man with the likeness of the Stone Face. But Ernest did not agree with them. He kept hoping that a wiser and better man than himself would appear to make the prophecy true.

11. Describe in brief Ernest’s reaction on three occasions when Gathergold, General Blood-and-Thunder and the poet came to the valley.

Answer: The inhabitants of the valley believed the story that one day a man bearing resemblance to the Stone Face would come there. The first one to arrive was a rich merchant Gathergold. The people were greatly excited. But Ernest noticed no resemblance between Gathergold’s face and that of the Stone Face. Likewise he did not agree with the people who welcomed General Blood-and-Thunder as the greatest man. But Ernest almost believed that the poet was the person he had been waiting for. But again he was disappointed. In fact, Ernest himself was accepted as the Prophet.