Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory Class 8 Important Questions and Answers

Important questions for Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 4 Bepin Choudhury’s Lapse of Memory PDF help the students in preparing for their examination in an orderly manner. Along with these important questions we have also included their answers. It also includes short and long questions which are important for school exams. Class 8 English Chapter 4 important questions for practice help the students to understand the entire chapter for the preparation of class tests and terminal exams.

Important Questions for CBSE Class 8 English Honeydew Chapter 4

1. What would Bepin Choudhury do every Monday?

Answer: Every monday Bepin Choudhury would go to Kalicharan’s shop to buy books.

2. How did Bepin try to decide whether he was right on Parimal Ghosh?

Answer: Bepin tried to decide whether he was right by confirming it from Dinesh Mukherjee, the person about whom Parimal Ghosh was talking about and later by going to Ranchi himself.

3. How did Chunni use his imagination?

Answer: Chunni had a good power of imagination so he created the story of Bepin Babu’s visit to Ranchi which helped in the retribution of Bepin Babu’s behaviour.

4. What all things did Parimal Ghosh tell Bepin Babu to remind him of his visit to Ranchi?

Answer: Parimal Ghosh told Bepin that he had been to Ranchi in 1958. He fell in Hudroo and cut his right knee. Next day he had to go to Netarhat but due to pain he couldn’t and he stayed at Dinesh Mukherjee’s bungalow.

5. What does Chunni make Bepin realise through his letter?

Answer: Through his letter, Chunni made Bepin Babu realize that affluence of money had brought change in his life. He did not like to help his old friend who was having bad time. He had become a man of unfeeling behaviour.

6. What was Bepin Babu’s hobby? What would he do every Monday?

Answer: Bepin Babu’s hobby was reading books. Every Monday, he would purchase books of crime stories, ghost stories and thrillers from Kalicharan’s shop.

7. What type of man was Bepin Babu?

Answer: Bepin Babu was a loner. He was not a good mixer. He had a few friends and he didn’t like spending time in idle chat.

8. How can you say that Bepin Babu’s encounter with Parimal Ghose made him restless?

Answer: Bepin Babu’s encounter with Parimal Ghose made him really very restless. Even in the office, he noticed that with every passing hour, his encounter with Parimal Ghose was occupying more and more of his mind.

9. Why couldn’t Bepin Babu ignore what Parimal Ghose had said to him?

Answer: It was because Parimal Ghose knew a great deal about him. He knew about his (Bepin Babu’s) wife’s death, his brother’s insanity… If the man knew so much about him, how could he make such a mistake about the Ranchi trip.

10. What was wrong with Bepin Babu? What did Dr. Chanda suggest him?

Ans. He had completely forgotten about his visit to Ranchi. Dr. Chanda suggested him to go to Ranchi once again in order to get back his lost memory.

11. What was Bepin Choudhury’s ailment or problem? Was it real or deliberate?

Answer: Bepin Babu was a lonely map. His wife had died some 10 years ago. His ailment was the lapse of memory. He clearly forgot that he had been to Ranchi in ’58. Nothing could revive his memory. Finally, he hit against some rock in Ranchi and became unconscious. On returning home he received Chunilal’s letter. The letter had an electrifying effect. And Bepin Babu felt relaxed.

12. Who was Chunilal? What is his role in the story?

Answer: Chunilal had once been Bepin Babu’s schoolmate. He was facing hard times and looking for a job. He called on Bepin with hope to get help. But Bepin even refused to see him. Later Chunilal confirmed Bepin Babu’s visit to Ranchi. He recalled several instances in his support but Bepin was not convinced. A letter from Chunilal gave such a news that Bepin became all right. The news was that Chunilal’s novel had been accepted for publication and he would get a handsome amount.