A House is not a Home Important Questions and Answers Class 9 English Moments

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A House is not a Home Class 9 Important Questions

1. A month later, I was at my house watching them rebuild it. But this time it was different.’ How was it different?

Answer: A month later, the author was at his house. The house was being rebuilt but he wasn’t alone. His two friends from school were with him. The fire was responsible for all the wonderful people around him. His life was getting back to normal. Now he focused on feelings of positivity and security.

2. What happened to his mother when she had run into the burning house?

Answer: She inhaled a lot of smoke and fell unconscious in the burning house. Later the firemen rescued her. She put on an oxygen mask. She soon regained her senses and became alright.

3. How did Zan’s mother save important documents from the burning house?

Answer: As soon as the fire broke out Zan and his mother ran out into the front yard. Zan ran to the neighbours to call the fire department whereas Zan’s mother ran inside to get the box full of important documents.

4. How did the narrator try to save the cat?

Answer: After five hours, when the fire was finally out, it struck to the author that the cat was nowhere to be seen. He started crying and tried to get into the house to bring back his cat. But the firemen didn’t allow him so the author requested him to save the cat.

5. Why does the author break down in tears after the fire?

Answer: After the fire broke out in the author’s house, he and his mother ran out into the front yard. There was no trace of his cat. The author thought that it had been killed in the fire and therefore broke down in tears after the fire.

6. In what condition did the author go to his school after the fire incident?

Answer: The fire had burnt all the author’s belongings. He was deeply embarrassed because he had no uniform, no books and no bag. He felt as if all the security was ripped away and walked around the school dully.

7. What help did the author get from his schoolmates after the fire accident?

Answer: The schoolmates, after knowing about the author’s plight, helped him in every way. They gave him shoes, clothes, sweaters, books, notebooks and many other things. They all invited the author to their houses.

8. What is the meaning of “My cat was back and so was I”? Had the author gone any-where? Why does he say that he is also back?

Answer: The fire had destroyed everything. The author was feeling very gloomy after the fire incident especially because his cat was missing after that. Zan felt his cat had died in the incident because there was no news about its whereabouts. The author had lost interest in everything. When a kind woman brought back his cat, he regained interest in life. Therefore, he said, “My cat was back and so was I.”