Weathering the Storm in Ersama Important Questions and Answers Class 9 English Moments

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Weathering the Storm in Ersama Class 9 Important Questions

1. How did Prashant manage food for village people?

Answer: Prashant along with his group put pressure on the merchant to part with his rice, branches were gathered to light fire on which the food was cooked and served to the survivors. He asked the children to lie on the sand with utensils on their stomach to pass the message to those in helicopters that they were hungry and needed food.

2. How did Prashant, a teenager, help the people of his village?

Answer: Prashant organised a group of youths and elders into small groups and assigned different roles and responsibilities to them, he resettled the orphan children in their own communities and overall provided a moral support to all villagers to start afresh.

3. What did Prashant do for the orphans?

Answer: Prashant decided to help the orphans. He brought them together and put up a polythene sheet shelter for them. Women were requested to look after them properly and they were resettled in the communities itself.

4. How were the orphans and the widows resettled?

Answer: Prashant opposed the idea of setting up separate institutions for widows and the orphans because he felt that in institutions the children would grow up without proper love and care while the widows would suffer from stigma and loneliness. He wanted the orphans and widows to be resettled in their village and community. He wanted to create foster families made up of childless widows and children without adult care. So, in this they were settled.

5. What havoc had the super cyclone wrecked in the life of the people of Orissa?

Answer: A super cyclone hit Ersama on 27th October 1999, killing thousands of people and damaging hundreds of houses. Ancient trees were uprooted. There was brown sheet of water all over. The roads and houses were all submerged in water. Animal carcasses and human corpses could be seen floating everywhere. This havoc lasted for thirty-six hours, leaving people homeless and starving. The neck deep water shattered the people. Hundreds of children became orphaned and many women were widowed. People were depressed as there was no hope of survival.

6. Why do Prashant and other volunteers resist the plan to set up institutions for orphans and widows? What alternatives do they consider?

Answer: Value Points: l he felt-orphans would be devoid of love-growth to be hampered l widows would suffer from stigma and loneliness Detailed Answer: Prashant and other volunteers resisted the government plan to set up institutions for orphans and widows. They felt children in such institutions would grow up without love and widows would suffer from loneliness. Prashant and his group felt that children should be resettled in their own community probably in such families where the widows had no children. This would solve the problem of widows’ loneliness and orphaned children would get all the love and care.