NCERT – National Council of Educational Research and Training

The National Council of Educational Research and Training, also known as NCERT is an autonomous organisation of Government of India. The main aim of NCERT is to develop educational quality in India. NCERT mainly focuses on secondary and higher secondary eductaion and prepares educational kits for students in multi-languages.

CBSE and many other state boards follow the NCERT textbooks and NCERT study materials for class 1 to 12. NCERT textbooks contain various concepts that very essential for board exams as well as for different competitive exams. on this page, we have provided the NCERT Solutions and textbooks for free in PDF format.

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NCERT Solutions

NCERT books are followed by CBSE and other state boards. After each chapter of NCERT books, some questions are there. Students need to solve those questions to get good marks in the exams. Sometimes students get puzzled and find it challenging to solve questions. NCERT solutions provided by Study Path are prepared by expert teachers that help students to solve each problem of NCERT books easily.


NCERT books are considered to be the best study materials while preparing for exams. CBSE and various other state boards prefer NCERT books for their school curriculum. Here we have provided the NCERT books for class 6 to 12 in PDF format. Go through the links below to download the NCERT books for free.

NCERT Syllabus

Management of time is one of the important tasks for students. NCERT syllabus helps the students by knowing them the topics that they need to learn during a particular time. With the help of NCERT syllabus, students can prepare a routine and plan their study. NCERT syllabus gives the idea to the students about all topics they have completed and what needs to be completed.


Before exams, students feel high pressure on them. Due to this, sometimes they forget and skip the chapters and some concepts. NCERT notes are prepared to help the students while they revise the chapters. NCERT notes contain every concept of your book written in short words. We suggest you to write each of these concepts and tick them by the time you finished reading these topics.

  • NCERT Notes For Class 12
  • NCERT Notes For Class 11
  • NCERT Notes For Class 10
  • NCERT Notes For Class 9
  • NCERT Notes For Class 8
  • NCERT Notes For Class 7
  • NCERT Notes For Class 6

NCERT Exemplar Solutions

NCERT Exemplar solutions provided below are free and downloadable in PDF format. These solutions contain a large number of quality questions that develop students higher-order thinking skills. Students need to practice these questions to get more knowledge and improve their marks in the exams.

  • NCERT Exemplar Solutions For Class 12
  • NCERT Exemplar Solutions For Class 11
  • NCERT Exemplar Solutions For Class 10
  • NCERT Exemplar Solutions For Class 9
  • NCERT Exemplar Solutions For Class 8
  • NCERT Exemplar Solutions For Class 7
  • NCERT Exemplar Solutions For Class 6
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