A Tiger in the House Class 7 Extra Questions and Answers

A Tiger in the House Class 7 Extra Questions & Answers are available here. Class 7 English A Tiger In The House extra questions and answers are prepared by our expert teachers. All these questions are divided into two or three sections. They are short type questions answers, long type question answers and extract based questions. Learning these questions will help you to score excellent marks in the exams.

A Tiger In The House Extra Questions and Answers

Very Short Answer Type Question

1. Whom did Grandfather find in the forest?

Answer: A tiny tiger-cub

2. What did Grandfather do with the tiny tiger cub?

Answer: He brought him home

3. What was the name given to the tiger cub?

Answer: Timothy

4. How long timely was, Grandfather found him?

Answer: He was about eighteen inches long

5. Where was timothy hidden?

Answer: He was hidden among the intricate roots of a banyan tree

6. How Timothy was brought up in the beginning?

Answer: He was brought up entirely on milk a feeding bottle

7. Who was Timothy?

Answer: Timothy was the tiger cub found in the forest by Grandfather.

8. When the author took timothy put for walks, what would people do?

Answer: People would keep a quite safe distance from them.

9. Where was Timothy favourite place in the house?

Answer: The drawing room

10. Where did he sleep at night?

Answer: He slept at night in the cook’s quarters

11. When Timothy was six months old, want changes came over him?

Answer: He became less friendly and rather dangerous

12. What did Grandfather decide after Timothy’s villainous intent?

Answer: He decided to transfer him to a Zoo

13. Where was the Zoo?

Answer: Lucknow

14. How did Grandfather take him to Lucknow?

Answer: By reserving a first class compartment for himself

15. Why did Grandfather want to meet the superintendent of the Zoo?

Answer: Grandfather wanted the tiger to shift somewhere else, so he went to meet the superintendent.

16. What did Grandfather do when he met Timothy in the cage of the zoo?

Answer: He put both his hands around the tigers head and stroked his forehead and tickled his ears.

17. What did the old keeper say to Grandfather?

Answer: He said that timothy had died two months ago

18. How did timothy die?

Answer: He died of pneumonia

19. Why did Grandfather walk briskly out of the zoo?

Answer: He could not think of anything when he heard that timothy was dead.

20. Who was the author of this story?

Answer: Ruskin Bond

Short Answer Type Questions

1. Where did grandfather found Timothy?

Answer: Grandfather found Timothy in the Terai jungle near Dehradun hiding among the intricate roots of a banyan tree.

2. How did Mahmoud feed him?

Answer: Mahmoud, the cook fed him milk with a feeding bottle.

3. What was Timothy’s diet?

Answer: Timothy’s diet included milk, raw mutton and cod liver oil. He followed diet of pigeons and rabbits.

4. Who were the other companions of Timothy at grandfather’s house?

Answer: The companions of Timothy were Toto, the monkey, and a small mongrel puppy.

5. How was his relationship with the puppy?

Answer: Timothy initially was afraid of the puppy later he became friendly with him and allowed him to crawl on his back.

6. How did Timothy play with the narrator?

Answer: The narrator told that with his bright eyes, he tried to come close. He rolled over on his back and kick with delight. It pretended to bite his ankles.

7. How had Timothy changed with time?

Answer: Timothy grew into an adult tiger, and it became difficult to go for walk. People were scared of him. It became difficult to remove him from recliner where he prefer to take rest.

8. What Was the prediction of grandmother regarding Mahmoud?

Answer: Grandmother was scared one day Timothy would kill Mahmoud.

9. Why was Timothy chained up?

Answer: Timothy was chained up because he became fierce and hunts chickens at night.

10. What was the arrangement made for Timothy’s shifting?

Answer: Grandfather reserved a first-class compartment for himself and Timothy to take him to Lucknow zoo.

11. What were the reactions of zoo authorities?

Answer: Zoo authorities were happy to receive a well-fed and civilized tiger as a gift.

12. How long did it take grandfather to meet Timothy?

Answer: Grandfather met Timothy after six months when he went to Lucknow to visit his relatives.

13. In what way did grandfather make him quiet?

Answer: Grandfather stroked the tiger’s forehead and tickled his ear whenever he growled. He also smacked him across the mouth.

14. What scared Timothy away on the cage?

Answer: Grandfather observed that Timothy was scared away by a leopard.

15. What was unusual that attracted the attention of visitors and zoo authorities?

Answer: Visitors and zoo authorities were surprised to see the reunion of grandfather and the tiger.

16. Why was grandfather eager to meet authorities?

Answer: Grandfather did not like that Timothy was scared to hell by leopard. Out of concern, he wanted the authorities to change cage for Timothy.

17. What was the revelation made by the keeper?

Answer: The keeper revealed that Timothy died two months ago because of pneumonia.

18. What was the reaction of the grandfather on learning the death of Timothy?

Answer: Grandfather was scared yet he gently bade goodbye to the tiger.

19. What did Grandfather decide?

Answer: Grandfather took decisions to transfer him to the zoo, because timothy’s dangerous and villainous intent to everyone.

20. How did Grandfather take timothy to lucknow?

Answer: He took timothy to Lucknow by reserving a first class compartment for Timothy and himself too, where no other passengers would share that compartment with them.

21. What happened six months later when the narrator’s grandparents visited lucknow?

Answer: After six months, the narrators grandparents visited to their relatives in Lucnow. Grandfather decided to see Timothy at the zoo. So he directly went to the zoo to meet his timothy.

Long Answer Type Questions

1. How did Grandfather find the tiger cub?

Answer: Once Grandfather was strolling down the forest path at some distance. Suddenly he discovered tiny tiger, cub, hiding among the intricate roots of a banyan tree, Grandfather picked him up and brought home.

2. Brief describes Timothy?

Answer: Timothy was little tiger cub found by Grandfather in the Terai jungles near Dehra. He was about eighteen inches long. He was named ‘Timothy’ by Grandmother. Timothy was playful and he has his companions like Toto, the monkey and a small puppy.

3. What timothy was given to eat?

Answer: At the beginning he was brought up entirely on milk given by their cook in a feeding bottle. But later milk proved too heavy for him and was put on diet of raw mutton and cod liver oil.

4. Whom did Timothy afraid of?

Answer: Timothy seemed to be quite afraid of the small mongrel puppy. Timothy would rush back a spring if the puppy came too near to him. But later, he allowed the puppy to move forward slowly on his back and rest there.

5. What changes appeared on him when he was six months old?

Answer: When he was about six months old, he become less friendly with everyone and also dangerous. Often he had to be chained up at home. He used to scare the cats and dogs in the road.

6. What did Grandfather do when he saw the tiger in the zoo?

Answer: Grandfather went forward the cage and said ‘Hello timothy” and put his arm through the bars of the cage. The tiger too approached the bars and grandfather put both of his hands around his head.

7. How timothy was brought up?

Answer: Timothy was found by Grandfather, while he was strolling down the forest. He was almost eighteen inches long, hiding under the roots of a banyan tree. Therefore, he was brought home. Grandmother named him ‘Timothy’ and he was a very lovable tiger cub. He was given milk in a feeding bottle by their cook at the very beginning. But it was found that proved to be too heavy for him. Later he was put on diet of raw mutton, cod liver oil, pigeons and rabbits. Thus, everyone took care of him very well.

8. Describe the true companions of Timothy?

Answer: Timothy had two companions like the monkey and the dog. They monkey was named as Toto, he was a very courageous animals and he used to pull Timothy by his tail and later climb up the certain when timothy loses him temper. And there was a small mongrel puppy, who was found by Grandfather on the rood. Timothy was quite sourced of him and rushed back with a spring if the puppy comes near him at the beginning. But finally, Timothy allowed him to crawl on his back and rest too.

9. What changes occurs when Timothy was six months old?

Answer: When he was about six months old, Timothy grew less friendly with everyone. And when he was taken out for a w2alk he sued to scare and snatch the street cats and pet dogs. Even at night grandparents would hear the cackling from the poultry house and next morning there would be feathers lying on the ground. Therefore, he was often put on a chain.

10. What was the decision of Grandfather and days?

Answer: The decision of Grandfather was to transfer timothy to the zoo. Because timothy was growing less friendly and more dangerous those days. His villainous intent to everyone makes Grandfather to transfer him to the zoo. Grandfather took him to Lucknow, in the zoo authorities where a welt fed and civilised tiger were put in.

11. What happened when Grandfather visited to the zoo after six month?

Answer: When he reached the zoo, he sprightly move forward to the cage where Timothy was kept he saw the tiger behind the bars of the cage and said “Hello Timothy” The Tiger too approached the bars and Grandfather put his both hands around his head, also stroked the tigers forehead and tickled his ears too. Even though the tiger was very dangerous, he became calm and quite when Grandfather cuddled him. He too ticked Grandfather’s hands

12. What did the old keeper say to Grandfather?

Answer: The old keeper in a stammering manner said that this tiger does not belong to him because Grandfather tiger, i.e. Timothy had died ago months before due to pneumonia. And the tiger who was in the cage was trapped in the hills last months and was very dangerous. This made Grandfather Heartbreaks and with deep sorrow he left the zoo by wishing the tiger “Goodnight Timothy”.

13. ‘Love begets love’. How far this phrase applies to the story?

Answer: Grandfather was fond of bringing home the deserted animals. Once he brought a tiger cub. He fed it up with a milk bottle. He coexisted and played with other animals, Toto, the monkey and a small mongrel puppy. Until he became threat to his surrounding, he was kept at home. When an unknown tiger was loved and patted by the grandfather, he was tamed as well. He responded to the love.

14. What values of grandfather impressed you the most? Which ones would you like to imbibe?

Answer: The narrator portrayed grandfather with an essence of humanity. His generosity and kindness was the most impressive ones. He was caring enough to meet Timothy even in zoo. He asked authorities to change his cage because he was afraid of a leopard. His love and care impressed the zoo authorities. They were scared of the dangerous tiger into a meek one who allows an unknown man to pat and tickle his ears, had shocked them.

15. What was grandmother’s prophecy about the cook? Did it come true?

Answer: Grandmother’s prophecy about that cook was the one-day Timothy would make a meal of Mahmoud. It did not come true. However, the tiger had begun to stalk. Mahmoud about the house with a villainous intent.

16. What made Grandfather decide to transfer Timothy to the zoo?

Answer: When Timothy was about six-month old, he grew less friendly. When out for a walk with the author, he would try to steal away to stalk a cat or someone’s pet dog. Sometimes at night they heard frenzied cackling from the poultry house, and in the morning, feathers were lying all over all verandah. And finally, when he began to stalk Mahmoud about the house with what looked like villainous intent, Grandfather decide to transfer Timothy to the zoo.

17. Why did Grandfather want Timothy to be put in another enclosure?

Answer: Grandfather wanted Timothy to be put in another enclosure as the leopard in the next cage would constantly rush at Timothy. Whenever this happened, the frightened Timothy would sink to a comer.

18. What shocked Grandfather in the end?

Answer: Grandfather visited the zoo after six months to see Timothy and went to the cage where he was put in straight away. When Grandfather asked the keeper to transfer Timothy to another cage, he said that the tiger in the cage was not Timothy. He was informed by the zoo keeper that his tiger Timothy had died two months ago, which shocked him in the end.

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