Chandni Important Questions and Answers Class 7 English

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Chandni Important Questions and Answers

Short Important Questions and Answers

1: Who was Abbu Khan?

Answer: Abbu khan was an old man. He lived all alone in a little hut in Almora. He tamed a few goats. He grazed them during the day. At night, he would talk to them as if they were his children.

2: How can you say that Abbu Khan’s goats were of the best hill breed?

Answer: Goats in hilly regions hate being kept tied to trees or poles. They long for freedom. Abbu Khan’s goats too loved freedom. They broke loose their strings and disappeared in the hill. It shows they were of the best hill breed.

3: Why did Abbu Khan feel sad?

Answer: Abbu Khan fed his goats on the juiciest grass and grains. He showered deep love on them as one showers on one’s children. Still they broke the ropes loose and ran straight into the jaws of death. It made Abbu Khan feel sad. Even the animals preferred death to slavery (bondage).

4: Why did Abbu Khan laugh with joy?

Answer: The bigger goats did not stay for ever with Abbu Khan. They disappeared one after the other. So he bought a young goat. He thought that young goat will be grateful for his love and food. She would never think of the hills. It made him laugh with joy.

5: Why did Abbu Khan name his young goat as Chandni?

Answer: The young goat was very pretty. She was white as snow. She had two little horns. She had gleaming red eyes. She had a friendly temperament. She was deeply interested in Abbu khan. Therefore, Abbu Khan named her as Chandni.

6: Why/when did Abbu Khan become unhappy?

Answer: Abbu Khan learnt that Chandni desired to go to the hills. She had no temptation of eating tastier food or being tied with a longer rope. She did not heed to Abbu’s warning of being eaten up by an old wolf. She Answered back that she would fight the wolf. Her insistence to go to the hills made Abbu Khan unhappy.

7. Why did Abbu Khan’s goats want to run away? What happened to them in the hills?

Answer: Abbu Khan’s goats were tempted by the desire to have freedom of movement in the green grass, so they wanted to run away. But in the hills they were killed and eaten up by a wolf.

8. Abbu Khan said “No more goats in my house ever again.” Why?

Answer: All the goats that Abbu Khan kept, ran away to the hills in order to enjoy freedom and the green grass. This broke Abbu Khan’s heart and he decided not to keep any more goats.

9. Why did Abbu Khan buy a young goat?

Answer: Abbu Khan had decided not to keep any goats because they all ran away, but after a while he started feeling sad and lonely. So he decided to buy a young goat thinking that it would stay with him for long.

10. Why did Chandni, the new young goat, hate the string around her neck?

Answer: Like all the goats that Abbu Khan had kept earlier, Chandni also missed the hills and wanted freedom. But Abbu khan had tied her with a rope which kept pulling her back when she wanted to run so she hated it.

11. What was Chandni’s problem?

Answer: Chandni’s problem was that she hated imprisonment, she longed for freedom which meant going to the hills and moving about with no restriction.

12. Abbu Khan had pushed Chandni in a small hut, was it because he was cruel?

Answer: Abbu Khan had pushed Chandni into a small hut, because she wanted to go to the hills and was not even scared of the wolf. So it was out of love and concern about her life that he pushed her in the hut.

13. What do you think was the reason that made the wise old bird say that Chandni was the winner?

Answer: Chandni struggled to her last breath to retain her freedom and that is why the wise old bird said that she was the winner.

14. What kind of a reaction was shown by Abbu Khan when Chandni asked for her freedom?

Answer: Abbu Khan was really attached to Chandni. When Chandni asked him to free her, he was worried regarding her safety and did not want to lose her because of the affection he had for her. So he decided to put her in a small hut curbing her freedom even more.

15. “She was completely soaked in blood. The wolf, tired and sleepy, was getting ready to devour her.” Explain this.

Answer: These two sentences suggest that the goat and the wolf had a fierce fight between them throughout the night. But the wolf was successful in killing the ‘free’ goat. By the time it was morning and at the end of fight the wolf was heading towards the blood soaked carcass of the goat to eat it off.

Long Important Questions and Answers

1: How did Chandni feel on reaching the hills?

Answer: Chandni was hell-bent on going to the hills. She did not care the least for Abbu Khan’s loving words and warnings. Abbu Khan shut her in a small hat. However, she managed to make her passage through the window. She reached the hills. She thought that the hills were welcoming her. She felt that the tall grass longed to embrace her. The blooming flowers amused her. The wind also appeared pleasant to her. She considered herself lucky for seeking freedom from Abbu Khan’s prison house. She played joyfully for hours on the grassy slopes of the hills.

2: What misfortune came to Chandni after sunset?

Answer: The sun disappeared behind the hills. Darkness prevailed everywhere on grass, flowers and trees. There was no wind. She heard a grunting sound of a dangerous wolf. She got scared and she thought of Abbu Khan but was not willing to return to him for safety. She considered death in open field far better than life in a small hut. The wolf came out of the bushes. He was sure that he would be able to eat the goat. The goat was also sure that she would be soon tom to pieces. But she did not lose courage. She stood firmly on her legs to face the wolf boldly. She got ready to put up a good fight. However, she was killed by the wolf.

3. What do you know about Abbu Khan’s new goat, Chandni?

Answer: Chandani, Abbu Khan’s new goat was very beautiful and as white as snow. She had two little horns and two gleaming red eyes. Chandni was her name as was called by Abbu Khan which meant ‘moonlight’. Chandani listened to Abbu Khan’s stories with a lot of interest and affection. She was very friendly and had cool temperament. Thus Chandani was very lovable.

4. What was the mistake of Abbu Khan?

Answer: It was the opinion of Abbu Khan that he bought a young goat thinking that this goat would stay with him for a long time. He was also hopeful that the goat would soon begin to love him and the food he offered her. He thought that the goat would never think of hills and grassy slopes. But contrary to his hopes, Chandni, too began to desire freedom and wanted to run away from the bondage of Abbu Khan.

5. Abbu Khan restricted Chandni to his small hut only. Why?

Answer: Abbu Khan came to know that Chandani wanted freedom from him. On hearing Chandni’s request to be freed he became angry but was also concerned for Chandni’s life and her safety. He tried to warn her again and again telling her the tales of the dead goats. But Chandani was not ready to obey him and she refused to understand and told him that she would fight the wolf with her pair of horns, but would not stay with him. Abbu Khan was knew well about the final result of such an encounter. This was the reason why Abbu Khan tied Chandni in one of his smaller huts. He was not ready to let her go at any cost because of concern for her safety.

6. What were the changes that occurred in Chandni when she experienced the fascinating hilltops?

Answer: Abbu Khan was the guardian of Chandani. When Abbu Khan brought the young Chandni to stay with him she was happy. She heard the tales told by Abbu Khan. She used to listen to the stories with a lot of interest and affection. But when her fascination for hills grew, she lost the interest in Abbu Khan’s stories. Later she had no more interest. Chandni used to relish the juicy grass offered by Abbu Khan, but soon she lost her appetite and grew very thin. She did not take any interest now. She used to stare at the hilltops and imagined herself breathing in the free air of grassy slopes. Finally, she had no charm in Abbu Khan’s house.