Expert Detectives Important Questions and Answers Class 7 English Honeycomb

Expert Detectives Class 7 Important Questions and Answers are available here. Class 7 English Expert Detectives important questions are prepared by our expert teachers. All these questions are divided into two or three sections. They are short type questions answers, long type question answers etc. Learning important questions for class 7 will help you to score excellent marks in the board exams.

Expert Detectives Important Questions and Answers

Very Short Important Questions and Answers

1: Why Maya called Nishad Seven?
Nishad’s name meant the seventh note on the musical scale, so Maya called him Seven.

2: Name the narrator in the lesson ‘Expert Detectives’.
Maya is the narrator in the lesson ‘Expert Detectives.’

3: According to Maya what was the cause behind Mr Nath’s scars?
According to Maya, Mr Nath would have got his scars in a shoot-out with the police.

4: What did Mr Nath thought Nishad had come to his place the second time for?
Mr Nath thought Nishad had again come to his place in search of his marbles.

5: How was Nishad spending his unexpected holiday?
Nishad was lying on his bed and reading a comic book on his unexpected holiday.

6: What was the condition on which Nishad said he will cooperate with Maya?
Answer: Nishad said he will cooperate with Maya only if she will stop calling Mr Nath an escaped crook.

7. How did Mr. Nath get the scars?
Answer: Mr. Nath got burnt badly, so he had burn scars on his face.

8. Where did Mr. Nath live? For how long had Mr. Nath been living there?
Answer: Mr. Nath lived in Shankar House. He had been living there for a year.

9. How many facts does Maya note down in her list on paper about Mr. Nath?
Answer: Maya had noted down nine facts about Mr. Nath in the list on paper about Mr. Nath.

Short Important Questions and Answers

1: What made Nishad turn sympathetic towards Mr Nath?

Answer: Nishad turned sympathetic towards Mr Nath seeing his gaunt appearance. His attitude changed further when he came to know that he used to give regular tips to Ramesh for bringing his food. Then he also remembered his mother’s words that Mr Nath was a polite man.

2: Give a brief description about Mr Nath’s visitor.

Answer: Mr Nath used to have a visitor on every Sunday. He was a spectacled tall, fair and stout man. Ramesh found him talking a lot. He used to give company to Mr Nath for lunch during his visits.

3: What was Maya doing on her unexpected holiday?

Answer: On her unexpected holiday, Maya assigned herself the task of solving the mystery ot Mr Nath. She was busy noting down all the available facts about Mr Nath. She then shared with his brother and asked for his opinion.

4: What did Maya think about Mr Nath’s visitor?

Answer: Maya thought that Mr Nath’s visitor was his accomplice in his crimes. She believed that he kept all the loot with him and used to come now and then to give his partner his share so that he could manage his expenses.

5. What was Maya’s view about Mr. Nath?

Answer: Maya thought Mr. Nath looked like a crook, he had millions of rupees tucked away, who ate and drank a lot and was scared of the cops, so he used to be inside his room all the day. He had a lot of money hidden in his trunk.

6. What did Maya think about Mr. Nath’s scars?

Answer: Mr. Nath’s scars made her even more sure that he was a crook and that he might have got them during a shootout with the police or something like that.

7. What was Nishad’s impression when he saw Mr. Nath?

Answer: Nishad’s impression when he saw Mr. Nath was that he looked very thin and scared. It looked like that he could not afford to eat properly due to his poverty.

8. What surprised Mr. Nath when Nishad first met him?

Answer: Nishad knocked at Mr. Nath’s door one day to collect his marble. When he entered the room, he thrust some chocolates in his hand. This surprised Mr. Nath when Nishad first met him.

Long Important Questions and Answers

1: Describe Nishad as a child.

Answer: Nishad as a child was kind and considerate. He kept in mind all the good things his mother and Ramesh told him about Mr Nath and formed his opinion based on them. He was upset with Mr Nath being so lean and thin. He thought that the man might be starving so he went to his place and gave him a bar of chocolate. He refused calling him a crook even after being insisted several times by his sister and decided to befriend him because he liked him.

2. What all facts had Maya collected about Mr. Nath?

Answer: Maya collected the following facts:

  • His name was Mr. Nath and they must find out his first name.
  • Other tenants at ‘Shanker’ House called him mad, strange and unfriendly.
  • He didn’t speak with anyone and lacked manners.
  • He never received any letters and had been living in Room No. 10 as a tenant in Shankar House.
  • He didn’t work anywhere and was in his room the whole day.
  • All the kids and grown up people in Shankar House were scared of him.
  • He had no visitors except the same man on every Sunday.
  • Ramesh used to get his food from the restaurant downstairs and he was not much bothered about it.
  • He used to pay Ramesh immediately and also used to give him tips.

3. Why did Nishad walk quietly out of the room?

Answer: Maya and Nishad both had totally different views about Mr. Nath. Nishad considered Mr. Nath as a quite weak and poor person who needed pity and help. Nishad’s mother had known him as a polite person. And he also paid in cash for his meals and tipped Ramesh well. On the contrary, Maya considered Mr. Nath to be a crook. She thought that the scars on his face were caused by his encounter with the police. Nishad expressed his intention to become Nath’s friend. She got very angry with Nishad. She warned him that he would be sent to jail with Mr. Nath if he happened to befriend him. Nishad got offended by Maya’s harsh words. He could not tolerate them. So he glared at Maya. Finally he walked out of the room quietly.

4. What information did Nishad gather from Ramesh about Mr. Nath?

Answer: Ramesh told Nishad that Mr. Nath took two meals everyday. He took one meal in the morning and another one in the evening. However, he was not very particular about his eating habits. He did not take any variety in matter of food. He ate rather two chapatis, a vegetable and some dal in each meal. He took one cup of tea in the morning and another in the afternoon. Ramesh also told Nishad that Mr. Nath had a weekly visitor on every Sunday. Mr. Nath mostly kept quiet. The visitor on the other hand talked a lot while he took his lunch with Mr. Nath. Mr. Nath paid in cash for his meals and he tipped Ramesh well.

Value Based Questions

1: Nishad decides to trust Mr Nath. Do you think we should trust others, why so?

Answer: We should trust others. We should not doubt people around us unless there is a strong reason for it. People might be behaving in a way which might appear strange to us, but they might be trying to hide their pains and grief though that. We should not make judgement about people without properly knowing about them. Trust is the first step towards making any relation. We should have trust on our friends and family members.

2: We should be friendly towards our neighbours. Why so?

Answer: Our neighbours live near our homes. We meet them daily. They come to our help during bad times and in good times. We share our joys with them. We become friends with our neighbours who are of our age. We play with them and share our things with them. We should be friendly with them and cooperative towards them. It is the responsibility of every human being to be good towards society. We should be good towards our neighbours and must help them in time of their needs.