NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 10 An Alien Hand

Students those who are searching NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Chapter 10 An Alien Hand can refer to this article. This chapter contains many questions that are important for exams. Here we have provided answers to all these questions with a detailed explanation that help students to complete their assignments and homework.

Class 7 English Chapter 10 An Alien Hand NCERT Questions and Answers

Comprehension Check (Page No 69)

Question 1. How does Tilloo manage to find his way to the ‘forbidden passage’?

Answer: Tilloo manages to find his way to the ‘forbidden passage’ one day while his father was taking a nap. He used his father’s security card to enter the passage.

Question 2. What did Tilloo hope to see once he emerged from his underground home?

Answer: Tilloo had hoped that he would be able to see the sun (if it was day) or stars (if it was night) once he emerged from his underground home.

Question 3. Why did Tilloo’s father advise him not to try to reach the surface of the planet?

Answer: Tilloo’s father advise him not to try to reach the surface of the planet because an ordinary person cannot survive there. The air is too thin to breathe and temperature is so low that one can freeze to death.

Question 4. What changes had occurred, which forced people to live in underground homes?

Answer: The sun which had provided the sustenance  turned hostile. It changed only slightly but the change was sufficient to upset the balance of nature which forced people to live in underground homes. Fish, birds and animals couldn’t bear it and became extinct.

Comprehension Check (Page No 71)

Question 1. Why was everyone in the Control Room greatly excited?

Answer: Everyone in the control room was greatly excited as they had spotted a dot, in an otherwise clear background, on the big TV screen. They thought it was a spacecraft, but decided that it required watching.

Question 2. Was the spacecraft manned or unmanned? How do you know it?

Answer: The spacecraft was unmanned because number one reported to the president that they do not contain living beings, they only have instruments.

Question 3. What did Number One and Number Two suggest should be done about the alien spacecraft?

Answer: Number One suggested that they should let the spacecraft land and then it will be easy for them to make it ineffective.

Number Two suggested that they just wait and watch as it would not be wise to reveal about their existence. Fortunately, the surface of their planet gave no signs of life anyway.

Comprehension Check (Page No 73)

Question 1. What do you think the mechanical hand was trying to do?

Answer: The mechanical hand was trying to collect the sample of the soil from the planet for the examination.

Question 2. Tilloo pressed the red button and “the damage was done”. What was the damage?

Answer: The damage was that the mechanical hand from the spacecraft ceased to work.

Question 3. Where had the spacecraft come from?

Answer: The spacecraft had come from the Earth.

Question 4. On which planet do Tilloo and his parents live?

Answer: Tilloo and his parents live onmars.


Discuss the following topics in groups.

Question 1. If you had to live in a home like Tilloo’s, what parts of life would you find most difficult? What compensations might there be?

Answer: The part of life I found most difficult is the freedom and open space. It will be like living in a cell far away from open space. There were no sightseeing, social life and interactions with the nature. The compensation can be peace, harmony, safety and security. As all of us were living in the same undergrounded buildings, the people must collaborated with each other nicely.

Question 2. What, if anything, might drive mankind to make their homes underground?

Answer: Global warming may cause the depletion of the atmosphere and changes in the behavior of the climate which will destroy the life on the surface of the Earth and drive mankind to make their homes underground.

Question 3. Do you think there is life on other planets? Can you guess what kind of people there may be on them? In what ways are they likely to be different from us?

Answer: I think there might be life on other planets. There are numerous researches to find if there is life on other planets. Space scientists of various countries are continuously trying to find any such evidence. Spacecraft have been sent to the moon and Mars.

If there is any life form on other planets that would be entirely different from us as they would have been exposed to different environmental conditions. They would have adapted accordingly.

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