NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Poem Chivvy

Students those who are searching NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English Poem Chivvy can refer to this article. This chapter contains many questions that are important for exams. Here we have provided answers to all these questions with a detailed explanation that help students to complete their assignments and homework.

Class 7 English Poem Chivvy NCERT Questions and Answers

Working with the Poem

Question 1. Discuss these questions in small groups before you answer them.

(i) When is a grown-up likely to say this?
Don’t talk with your mouth full.

(ii) When are you likely to be told this?
Say thank you.

(iii) When do you think an adult would say this?
No one thinks you are funny.

Answer: (i) A grown-up is likely to say this when children start talking in between the meal with food in their mouth.

(ii) We are likely to be told to say thank you when someone helped us or given us something.

(iii) An adult would say so when the child has done some mischief and is finding it funny and hence, annoying everybody else.

Question 2. The last two lines of the poem are not prohibitions or instructions. What is the adult now asking the child to do? Do you think the poet is suggesting that this is
unreasonable? Why?

Answer: In the last two lines, adult is now asking the child to make up their own mind and take decision by themselves to be independent which is unreasonable because earlier adults were not allowing the child to take any decision by themselves and they were always taking decision for the child. But now, they are asking them to take their own decision which is surely unreasonable.

Question 3. Why do you think grown-ups say the kind of things mentioned in the poem? Is it important that they teach children good manners, and how to behave in public?

Answer: I think the grown-ups say the kind of things mentioned in the poem in order to teach children the decent and proper ways of doing things. Yes, it is important that the adults teach children good manners and how to behave in public because they have experienced and learnt these things. But sometimes adults become so strict on children that they lose their innocence and playfulness.

Question 4. If you had to make some rules for grown-ups to follow, what would you say? Make at least five such rules. Arrange the lines as in a poem.

Answer: I would make rules like:
Don’t abuse anyone.
Respect the elders and youngsters also.
Time will be allowed for playing.
Keep the neighbour clean.
Don’t smoke or spit.
Allow time for watching T.V.
No physical punishments.

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