NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 3 The Selfish Giant

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 3 The Selfish Giant are provided below. These solutions contain answers to all the textbook questions. All the questions are solved by experts with a detailed explanation that help students to complete their assignments and homework. NCERT Solutions for Class 8 English It So Happened Chapter 3 The Selfish Giant are prepared as per the latest CBSE syllabus and curriculum. Students of Class 8th can study the answers provided here to score well in their school exams.

The Selfish Giant Class 8 NCERT Questions and Answers

Comprehension Check (Page No 20)

Question 1: Why is the Giant called selfish?

Answer: The Giant is called selfish because he did not let the children play in his garden. He drove them out, built a high wall around his garden, and put up a board that read ‘Trespassers will be prosecuted. ’

Question 2: On one occasion the children said: “How happy we are here!”

Later they said: “How happy we were there!”

What are they referring to in both the cases?

Answer: In both cases, the children are referring to the Giant’s garden. In the first sentence, they say that they are enjoying in the giant’s garden. But in the second sentence, it is beyond their reach.

Question 3: (i) When spring came, it was still winter in the garden. What does winter stand for or indicate here?

(ii) Winter has been presented like a story with its own characters and their activities. Describe the story in your own words.

Answer: (i) Winter indicates that flowers did not bloom in the Giant’s garden. The birds didn’t sing. There was no sign of joy and greenery.

(ii) Winter has been portrayed as destroyer. It has its own characters. Snow and frost are the most prominent factors. Trees have been covered with white cloak. The trees look lifeless. North wind has come to stay there permanently. Hails settle on the roof.

Question 4: Was the Giant happy or sad over the state of the garden?

Answer: The Giant was sad over the state of his garden. He could not understand why spring was so late in coming.

Question 5: What effect did the linnet’s song have over Hail and the North Wind?

Answer: When the linnet sang, the Hail stopped dancing over his head, and the North Wind stopped roaring.

Comprehension Check (Page No 24)

Question 1: (i) The Giant saw a most wonderful sight. What did he see?
(ii) What did he realise on seeing it?

Answer: (i) The Giant saw that the children had entered the garden through a small hole in the wall, and were sitting on the branches of trees. There was a child on every tree. The trees had covered themselves with blossoms as they were glad to have the children back. The birds were flying about and twittering in delight, and the flowers and grass were laughing out loud.

(ii) He realised that spring did not come to his garden because he had prevented the children from playing in his garden. He realised that he was selfish not to allow the children to play in his garden.

Question 2: Why was it still winter in one comer of the garden?

Answer: Only in one comer of the garden there was winter still. The reason was that a little boy could not climb the tree like other boys. He stood under a tree weeping.

Question 3: Describe the first meeting of the little boy and the Giant.

Answer: The first meeting of the little boy and the Giant was beneath the tree that was covered with frost and snow. The Giant took him gently in his hands and put him up into the tree. The tree at once blossomed, and the birds came and sang on it. The little boy stretched out his two arms, flung them round the Giant’s neck, and kissed him.

Question 4: Describe their second meeting after a long interval.

Answer: In the second meeting after so many years, the Giant saw wounds on the little boy’s palm and feet. He became furious. He wanted to kill the man who had wounded the child. But the boy said that those were wounds of love.

Question 5: The Giant lay dead, all covered with white blossoms. What does this sentence indicate about the once selfish Giant?

Answer: “The Giant lay dead, all covered with white blossoms.” The sentence indicates that the Giant was blessed to live in Paradise after his death. As he was no longer selfish and cruel, he was covered with white blossoms in his garden. The white blossoms indicated that the Giant had a peaceful death.


Discuss the following topics in groups.

Question 1: The little child’s hands arid feet had marks of nails. Who does the child remind you of? Give a reason for your answer.

Answer: The nail’s marks on the child’s hands and feet remind us of Lord Christ. He was put on a cross and nails were hammered into his palms and feet.

Question 2: Is there something like this garden near where you live? Would you like one (without the Giant perhaps) and why? What would you do to keep it in good shape?

Answer: Yes. There is a beautiful garden near where I live. I like Gardens much. I have a small garden in my own house too. I love flowers and plants. It is one place which is liked by all – young, old and children. To keep it in good condition, I believe there should be more gardeners. So many people use the garden. They can also help to keep it in good shape.

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