Class 10 Science Extra Questions with Answers

If you are interested to choose science as your main stream after class 10 then, you must clear all your doubts regarding the subject. Here we have provided you with extra questions for class 10 science with answers. These questions are very helpful for the students who are currently preparing for the board exams. All the extra questions are prepared by our expert subject teachers. Practicing these extra questions will develop your problem-solving skill and boost your confidence level.

Extra Questions for Class 10 Science Chapter-wise PDF

Extra questions for all chapters of Class 10 Science are provided here with free PDF download. These extra questions are totally based on the NCERT Science Textbook and are designed to help students brush up the important concepts. Therefore, practicing with all these questions is definitely going to help students make good preparations for the exam and boost their confidence level.  

Extra Questions for Class 10 Science – All Chapters

Why to practice these extra questions?

  • Extra questions other than the NCERT Textbook questions give you a chance to test your knowledge beyond what you learned from your usual classes.
  • With the help of extra questions, you become aware of some unnoticed yet important facts and concepts that are given in the book.
  • The extra questions provided by Study Path form the best source for self-assessment and help you revise all important concepts effectively.